LONGING LY-250 FPV Racing Quadcopter Hands-on Review – 110km/h pocket rocket?!

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Quadcopters have become the rage nowadays, with everyone, from hardware enthusiasts to geeks to even professional companies and even government queuing up to buy these mini flying machines. Naturally, like other vehicles, they are being used for racing too and to cover that niche, we have with us the LONGING LY-250 FPV racing quadcopter up for review. Let’s find out if its a real workhorse or a turtle in cheetah’s clothing.

Longing LY-25 hero2

Unboxing and First Impressions-

The LONGING LY-250 FPV quadcopter comes in a brown box with the LONGING branding in the center. The box also has a handy handle on top of it to allow it to act as a carrying case for the drone. Inside the box, we find,

  • LONGING LY-250 drone.
  • Four pieces of 2500Ah Li-Ion AA battery(2 pieces for drone, 2 for the transmitter)
  • Transmitter
  • A 7″ monitor for seeing the video/image feed sent by the drone’s camera.
  • A 5.8GHz linear antenna for communication.
  •  A Bind plug
  • A USB charging cable.
  • 4 3-blade spare rotors.
  • 4 2-blade spare rotors.
  • A Screwdriver.
  • A Hexscrewdriver
  • A Camera mount
  • An Instruction manual in English language.

The body of the LONGING LY-250 is very lightweight and the landing gear is integrated to it. The quality is plastics feel good and are at par for the price. The colors also look good, they are of a matte finish but do not attract fingerprints. Turning the quadcopter reveals the battery and the ON/OFF slider. There is also a set of red and green LED lights with a small numeric LCD between them for displaying various parameters. Up front we have the camera for recording stills as well as videos. We also have the transmitter antenna on the other side of the quadcopter.


The body of the quadcopter is hollowed out for making it lightweight. A lot of cross-beams are also integrated in the body, which makes the quadcopter impact-resistant and durable. The vents also allow the motors to keep cool with increased airflow during flights which helps in the overall efficiency of the machine.


Overall, we like how LONGING has put all those accessories in the box. We would like to laud LONGING specifically for packing a display in-box to be used as a viewfinder. It is not possible to use the phone every time as a viewfinder and the included display will be a boon for many.


On starting up the LONGING LY-250 FPV and pushing the throttle stick forward, the drone pulls up at once. There is no hitch or slowness whatsoever and the motors in the machines are insanely powerful. The drone accelerates fast and within the blink of an eye the drone catches considerable speed. The quadcopter also maneuvers extremely well and corners like a champ. You can fly the quadcopter with crazy flying angles and it will keep up with you and won’t fall down unlike other drones.


The quadcopter has a flying time of about 10 minutes with a big radial range of about 300-400 metres, which is quite great. The batteries also support quick charging and you can charge it up under half-an-hour. The quadcopter has AA battery slot, so you can use any other AA rechargeable batteries to increase your flying time too.



The LONGING LY-250 drone supports communication on the 5.8GHz band, which allows for super fast communication between the drone and the transmitter. It was very rare that the drone lost contact with the transmitter but it automatically connected seconds later. I would, though, advise one to use the drone carefully and not fly it away too far in areas having a lot of buildings as they can act as obstacles and there is a chance of losing communication with the quadcopter.


The quadcopter also has a 480p camera installed, though you can buy and use a 1080p one separately. The pictures and videos are usually fine but a bit of vibration tends to creep in if you fly and film at high speeds. The transfer of photos and videos between the drone and the display is very smooth, with stutters occurring extremely rarely. The quadcopter also features ‘altitude hold’ function which lets one to record video or take images from one particular angle.

Some videos showing the LONGING LY-250 drone in action-


The LONGING LY-250 lives up completely to its standards of being a ‘racing quadcopter’. It is fast, lightweight and stylish like other racing machines are and its performance is also pretty awesome.

(xiaomitoday.com, http://goo.gl/a3XWzh)



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