Hystou FMP05B Mini PC Review

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As the world evolves and the benefit of information is known by a larger percentage of people in the world, the use of smart devices has been on the rise, thus giving them the much-envied status of a must get device. A popular mode of passing information across is with the use of a television set, like the Hystou FMP05B Mini PC.

One of the modes of getting information to individuals faster is by the use of the television set which is mostly restricted to a short range without a TV box enlarging the captured area. The television set is made by many companies offering different services to the viewer. This has thus led to the manufacture of different options that can serve as an alternative to the TV.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Hystou FMP05B

Hystou is a Chinese company that is dedicated to designing and providing information to prospective users having in mind the rich and the poor that might be interested, the quality that is being needed among other things. Although the company had rolled out many TV boxes and mini computers in the past, the users still asked for more which made the company design another fantastic product with the brand name Hystou FMP05B Mini PC. This Mini computer comes with a lot of features such as an Ultra 4K HD resolution, Intel Core 17 Processor, etc. Let’s take a sneak peek into this device and what it portends for users.

Hystou FMP05B Mini PC Review – Have you used a Mini PC with an Intel Core i7 processor?

Unboxing, Packaging Materials and Contents

The Hystou FMP05B Mini Computer comes in a white rectangular shaped box, so built in order to allow for ease of carriage during movement and transportation. The colour of the packaging material is white, with a sample drawing of the product on the front of the box. Also, the words “Mini Computer” are boldly written on it. It comes mainly in two colours; the black and the white. Mine purchased from Geekbuying for the purpose of this review is black in colour.

On opening up this Mini PC, I was greeted with a CD plate which is for installing the necessary software and a user manual for help in using the box, on top of the main product. Having removed it, the Mini PC which is wrapped in a white protective material comes next. By one side of the box, there are a few other accompanying products that come with the Mini PC. There is the power adapter, an installation CD plate, a user manual, two antennas and the Hystou Mini PC itself.

Powering up this device

If this is your first time using products like TV boxes or Mini PCs, then you may have to critically understudy the user manual in order to quickly learn and get adapted to this in no distant time. This Mini computer comes with a power on/off button at the side for ease of usage.

Product Design and Hardware

Hystou FMP05B TV Box Design

The FMP05B is a rectangular shaped mini PC which is of a small size thereby allowing for easy transportation from one location to another. The Hystou FMP05B Mini PC is 230mm in length, 180mm in width and about 45mm in height, has a flat perforated top and sides for air passage into the box. The tv box is made of a plastic material cover which can also withstand a considerable force reducing the danger of breakage.

Hystou FMP05B TV Box Design

As earlier said, it comes in 2 colours; white and black. The top of the box was designed in such a way to allow for air so as to enable quick cooling of the product. It features a total of 4 USB 3.0 ports and 4 USB 2.0 ports. It also comes with 2 HDMI output ports that support HDMI to DVI and HDMI to VGA. There are 2 LAN Ethernet ports as well, and 2 Wi-Fi antennas. A port for the use of SD Cards was also provided on this product as well, and there’s a DC IN port, a Speaker Phone port and a MIC port also. Its case material was finished with a brushed aluminium alloy, thus giving it a premium build.


Hystou FMP05B Mini PC Build

The Hystou FMP05B TV Box is small in size with great working features that cannot be compared with many others. It is also called a mini PC due to its ability to connect the internet space with the TV set. This gives it an edge over others. The device works on the Microsoft operating system which can be either Windows 7 or 8 depending on the requirement ordered for. It also allows for an upgrade of the operating system if you do wish to.

Picture Quality

Just like other mini computers in the market, the Hystou FMP05B does not come with a specific screen. As such, the quality of its picture would depend partially on this device, and on the screen to which it is connected to. This device has been fitted with the Ultra 4K resolution so as to enable users to enjoy the quality of pictures and videos on their TV sets. Although the device is digitally designed, its usage can be underused when connected to analogue devices (but it will definitely work).

Memory Size

Hystou FMP05B TV Box Processor

Since it is a computer, it is necessary to have a read only memory among other necessities. The read only memory (RAM) is 4 GB in size and it has a storage size of about 128 GB SSD which will be used to store in required information by the user.

This notwithstanding, a port has also been created where an SD card can be slotted into. This would allow for the use of a bigger memory card in relation to storage, thus increasing the size of the storage memory whenever there is the need for one.


For a price of about $288 from the company’s website, I can say for one that this gadget is quite pricey compared to some other similar gadgets in the market. But for the great hardware and software feature it packs, the price is really not over the board.


The Hystou FMP05B Mini PC is not designed with a power storage option like personal computers, but it works well with a 100-240V, 12V 5A power source which falls within the power voltage of most countries in the world.


Hystou FMP05B TV Box Ports

The device is connected to the internet with the Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) option which is designed as a feature of the gadget with two well separated Wi-Fi antennas. It has a processor of about 2.2 main frequency and a 2.72 turbo frequency which is fast enough for online streaming among other great features. I was able to stream a few videos online via Kodi and the YouTube application

Audio, Video and Other Files Support

The Hystou FMP05B Mini PC has been built so as to support a wide range of audio files such as the media player 3 (Mp3), FLV, WMA, AAC and lots more. Coming down to the videos, it also supports videos with file extensions of 3gp, mp4, AVI and a few others. Rom this device, I was able to access some of my documents via my flash of PDF, office formats (excel, word etc.) and pictures of different forms.

  • The device is small in size which makes it durable and portable to use.
  • Requires low power for operations.
  • It operates on an Intel processor, specifically one of the fastest in the industry.
  • It is not designed with a battery for use without connecting it to the power source.
  • The device does not have the mobile network feature; it can only be connected to the internet by Wi-Fi.


The Hystou FMP05B Mini PC is a very powerful device and remains one of the best smart mini computers at the moment. All of its astounding features make it a must-have device, and its compatibility with a wide range of secondary sources has even made it all the better. Also, for features which it comes with, I make bold to say the price is a good deal.

(xiaomitoday.com, https://goo.gl/FpPaKf)



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