Hystou FMP03 Core i7 review- Fanless HTPC beast?!

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With the passage of time, spaces taken by computing devices are becoming magnitudes smaller. Just 60-70 years ago, computers used to hog a whole hall, now they have become so small that they fit the palm of your hand. While becoming smaller, they are gaining in performance too, and today we have one such beast, the Hystou FMP03 mini PC. Let us see whether its all show or a show with substance.

Hystou FMP03 Unboxing and First Impressions-

The Hystou FMP03 comes in a white box with generic “Mini PC” branding and displaying the image of the device up front. Opening the box, we find-

  • The Mini PC.
  • Charger with specified adapter.
  • Driver DVD.
  • Two 5dBi antennae.
  • Vertical stand.
  • User manual.

The body is made up of aluminum, which acts as a large heatsink as the device has no fan. The top of the Mini PC is so designed to release heat from the device. The front has the power button and the LED indicator. The right side of the device features two jacks for connecting the Wi-Fi antennae, followed by ventilation vents and 2 USB 2.0 ports. The right side is bare, only featuring ventilation slots. The back is where the maximum number of ports are, from left to right are the 3.5mm microphone and speaker ports,followed by 4 USB 3.0 ports, the Ethernet RJ-45 jack, the VGA port, the HDMI port and the DC-in port completing the port-fest.

Overall the device feels well-built with almost no build imperfections, although it feels a bit too heavy in the hand. One can also use it in a vertical orientation using the provided vertical stand to fit in in hard to reach places. The bottom also has mounting holes which can be used to fit the device on the back of any modern TV.

Hystou FMP03 Performance-

The Hystou FMP03 we have up for review is powered by the beastly Intel Core i7-6600U processor with a huge 16GB of DDR3 RAM and 512GB SSD storage. The RAM and the SSD are replaceable and the device can fit up to 32GB of DDR3L RAM along with a 2.5″ SATA or M.2 drive.

The device does not come with any OS installed, so we loaded up Windows 10 build anniversary update edition build 14393 on it using USB. The provided driver DVD is useless as the device does not feature a DVD-drive slot. It would have been a lot better if they gave the same drivers on a USB pendrive instead of the DVD, but thankfully Windows 10 automatically downloads the drivers making the usage hassle-free.

The device performed like a champ, with no hiccups or lag. Whatever we threw at it, be it browsing media-heavy sites, encoding/decoding high definition videos, running multiple apps at once, it did not lag once. It was even able to play many games at mid-to-low settings, which is surprising considering its size. The only qualms, I have though are about the body of the device, which gets hot to touch, due to it acting as a heatsink. It also throttles sometimes if proper ventilation is not provided to it.

Hystou FMP03

In our tests, the RAM and the SSD performed at reasonable speeds, with acceptable read and write speeds. The ethernet port is capable of pulling upto 1Gbps of traffic at once and we never faced any disconnection problems with our device connected on the ethernet network. We did face some problems with Wi-Fi disconnection though, which we solved by angling the antennae and keeping it free from obstacles.

Check out some videos of the Hystou FMP03-


The Hystou FMP03 is a solid device for those who require computing performance without the sound and the space. It has an awesome storage and RAM combination, so the machine is guaranteed to last for quite a few years without breaking into a sweat.

(xiaomitaoday.com, http://goo.gl/ywLPoy)



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