What is the GoPro Hero?

Like The Fast and the Furious reboot simply becoming Fast & Furious, GoPro has simplified the naming of its latest entry-level GoPro. Now it’s just the GoPro Hero, sitting below the GoPro Hero5 Black and the flagship GoPro Hero6 Black.

Now that the cubed Session models have technically been discontinued – although they’re still widely on sale – it means there’s a unified design between all of GoPro’s current action cameras (putting aside the 360-capable GoPro Fusion).

But, this being the entry-level budget-friendly option, it does mean it’s less capable than its bigger brothers. GoPro is really positioning the Hero as an inexpensive travel companion, letting you capture life’s great moments with ease.

It manages this for the most part, but some of its limitations compared to the more expensive models do feel at odds with its travel-friendly marketing.