Fossil Q Venture and Explorist guide: Fossil’s full-screen smartwatches

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There aren’t many companies invested in smartwatches like Fossil is. Last year, it released over 100 different smartwatches, hybrids and wearables, and it’s looking to expand that range to more than 300 in 2017.

Fossil Q Venture and Explorist guide

While it has plenty of brands to play with – like Diesel, Michael Kors and Misfit – it’s also been bold with its own name brand. Enter the Fossil Q Venture and Explorist, the company’s latest Android Wear smartwatches. They also happen to sport full screens. That’s right, no more flat tires.

But that’s not all these watches sport. Here’s a guide to everything you need to know about these two beauties.

Fossil Q Venture/Explorist: Design

Fossil ups the style stakes with slimmer Q Venture and Q Explorist

The flat tire is a thing of the past. That’s the big thing you notice when looking at the new Venture and Explorist – the display goes all the way down to the bottom, forming a perfect circle.

The other thing you’ll notice is that both the Venture and Explorist have been slimmed down considerably. Last year’s Q Wander measured in with a 45mm face and 13.5mm thickness. The comparable Venture, however, comes in with a 42mm face and 11mm thickness. In our Fossil Q Venture hands-on review, we found the new slimmed down size to be a real improvement.

On the men’s side, the Explorist checks in with a 44mm case and 12mm thickness, which is better than the Q Marshall’s 45mm case and 14mm thickness.

So while both watches are still chunky, they’re much more svelte than last year’s models. They’re also slightly more curvy, and are a much better fit for smaller wrists. Of course, you’ll be able to get the watches in a variety of styles.

The Venture is available in rose gold stainless steel and stainless steel with multiple band options, like a rose gold link bracelet and tan leather. The Explorist is also available in stainless steel and rose gold stainless steel, but also comes with a smoke grey variant. Bands include navy and brown leathers and a smoke link bracelet.

Finally, you can expect that display to get a bump up in resolution. While we don’t fully know how large of an upgrade the new display would be, Fossil told us at Baselworld 2017 that they had been improved over last year’s mediocre displays.

Fossil Q Venture/Explorist: Features

Fossil ups the style stakes with slimmer Q Venture and Q Explorist

There’s no GPS or heart rate tracking here, as this is a watch that is focused on style. We do know it’s powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100 and features 4GB of storage and 512MB of RAM.

As previously mentioned, the display will have a higher resolution and better contrast. You’ll also be able to swap out the watch bands for something else should you want to mix and match, for fashion’s sake. There’s also various fitness tracking and integration with Google Fit, UA Record and MyFitnessPal.

On the software front, the big new things include a game exclusive to the Fossil Q’s inspired by vintage arcade games, along with some branded micro-apps. These are branded micro applications that’ll do specific things, though we still don’t have too much detail on what kind of things they’ll be able to do.

What we do know is that there’ll be four exclusive Fossil watch faces and – of course – ways to customize your watch face with complications and the like. While that isn’t exactly a surprise, it’s unclear if these are new watch faces or faces already available on other Fossil-branded watches.

Fossil Q Venture/Explorist: Price and release date

Fossil Q Venture and Explorist guide: Fossil's full-screen smartwatches

All of the Fossil Q Venture and Explorist models are now available for pre-order on Fossil’s website. They’ll officially ship in fall 2017 and range from $295 to $315.




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