Fitbit Charge 2 and Fitbit Flex 2: What’s the story so far?

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When it comes to activity tracking devices, Fitbit is a name many will recognise. The company already offers a huge number of options but rumour has it more are on their way.

There are currently eight devices in the Fitbit line-up comprising the Zip, One, Flex, Alta, Charge, Charge HR, Blaze and Surge. According to a substantial leak though, the Charge, Charge HR and Flex are about to be succeeded.

Here is everything we know so far about the rumoured Fitbit Charge 2 and Flex 2.


The Fitbit Charge 2 and Fitbit Flex 2 both appeared in images published by TechnoBuffalo in the middle of August. The site didn’t mention a specific  release date, but the image of the Charge 2 has 27 November on its display, which could be an indication.

Consumer electronics show IFA is coming up at the beginning of September so we wouldn’t be surprised to see Fitbit use that as its announcement platform, with the devices hitting shelves at the end of November in time for the holiday season.


Based on the leaked images of the Fitbit Charge 2, it looks like it will be a larger version of the Fitbit Alta but with the addition of heart rate monitoring.

There are currently two Charge devices – the Charge and the Charge HR. They are identical in design, apart from the latter has Fitbit’s PurePulse heart rate monitor on board, while the former doesn’t. From the leak, it looks like there will be just one new Charge, combining the two older devices together.

The Charge 2 will sport a larger display than the current Charge devices, according to the images. Presumably this will be able to show some smartphone notifications like the Fitbit Alta, along with steps, distance travelled and the rest of the more common metrics found on an activity tracker.


Rumour has it the Charge 2 will also have interchangeable bands, again like the Alta, allowing the user to change the elastomer strap for a different look. The standard buckle fastening found on the original Charge and Charge HR, as well as the Blaze, looks like it will still be present for the Charge 2, meaning it will feel secure on the wrist.

The rumoured Flex 2 is a more simplistic and smaller device, in comparison to the expected Charge 2. Like the original Flex, it looks like the Flex 2 will be a plain elastomer band with LED lights to represent progress.

The original Flex had a smooth finish, while the Flex 2 appears to have a textured finish like the Fitbit Alta. It also looks like it will feature five LEDs like the original but they will be positioned vertically, rather than horizontally. We’d expect plenty of colour options.

Based on the leaked images, it looks like the Flex 2 will use a two-pin fastening method, like the Alta does and like the original Flex does. The leak also claims there will be interchangeable accessories for the Flex 2, suggesting the new device will again offer a small removeable tracker that can be placed into specially-made necklaces and bracelets like the original Flex could with the Tory Burch collection.


The leak published by TechnoBuffalo didn’t just show what the Charge 2 and Flex 2 devices might look like, but it also detailed what features we might be able to expect on them.

According to the leak, the Charge 2 will offer PurePulse heart rate monitoring, as we mentioned above. It also looks like it will offer all day activity and sleep tracking, as the current Charge and Charge HR do, as well as Multi-Sport tracking and smartphone notifications, both of which the Alta does. We’re expecting it to measure steps taken, distance travelled, floors climbed, calories burned, heart rate, active minutes and sleep duration, along with call and text notifications.

Sadly, there is no mention of waterproofing capabilities for the Charge 2, but there is for the Flex 2. The Flex 2 is said to be swim-proof, while also offering sleep quality information and all-day activity monitoring. If accurate, it will be the only water-resistant Fitbit tracker available.


We’d expect the Flex 2 to measure steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned, active minutes and sleep duration. The current Flex doesn’t have an altimeter, nor does the Fitbit Alta so we’d be surprised to see elevation data on the Flex, though it would be welcomed.

The current Fitbit Charge HR costs £119.99/$179.99, while the Fitbit Flex costs £79.99/$119.99. We’d expect the Charge 2 to cost a little more than the Charge HR, but less than the Fitbit Blaze, so perhaps around the £130/$195 mark.

We can’t see the Fitbit Flex 2 costing more than the Fitbit Alta as there is no display and less features based on the rumours, so we’d expect to see it sit around the £80/$120 mark like the current Fibit Flex.

For now, everything is speculation with nothing confirmed from Fitbit, but a Charge 2 and Flex 2 certainly make sense, as do the leaked designs.

Whether the company will announce the two devices at IFA remains to be seen but we will be updating this feature if more rumours and leaks appear, as well as when official details are revealed.

For now, you can visit our Fitbit hub for everything you need to know about the company’s current line-up.




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