FIIL Diva Earphone experiences Review : Music Dream compare to Bose

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When we are talking about Wang Feng, . what can you think of? Beijing Beijing, in full bloom of life? like a dream, like Freedom? Zhang Ziyi? Or the TV show “The Voice”?

When a rock singer become a product manager and president of the company, Wang Feng have announced the next generation of FIIL headphone in the conference.


Although they are confidently announced the first generation FIIL headphone, FIIL do not want to be the China version of Beats. They even want to sell their own brand to the foreigner country. The first announcement they are trying to sell millions of headphone. But from the last week’s press conference, they announced the previous generations sold a total of 75000 units.


Compare to the first generation FIIL, DIVA headphone have a big changes. They called noise spike BOSE QC series and covers a variety of “smart” functionality into the headphones to experience exactly how you can see below in the conference text.

Appearance: You can wear outside and do not feel embarrassed about it


We have to say, the first generation of FIIL headphone’s appearance is not very attractive, almost no design at all. You can feel the plastic matte shell, plus a heavy  body. It is not a desire for wearing to the street, or even in the office use. After you wear a few day, the 2 sides of the plastic is also disconnected.

FIIL DIVA appearance look better than the first generation, they have changed the design ideas from the big ears in to now. The full plastic matte texture of the body has changed to a glossy plastic metal contained within the first beam body. The texture has enhance more than a grade.


When you first look at the DIVA headphone, you will not felt a great sense of valuables, but will brings texture quality workmanship, combined with metal logo FIIL hard shell package. Now the headset in crowdfunding early bird price of USD$120.


If your head is a little big, the most worried part for headset is the beam is too tight, prolonged ear headphones suppress inexplicable feel a headache. DIVA metal head beam under the premise to ensure body strength, elastic medium, in addition to the first beam will feel a little heavy, long wear head weight is a little tired, lightly fastened by ear will not feel a significant feeling of pressure.


Such appearance, FIIL DIVA faced youth market will like it? In fact, the appearance is no obvious flaws, but if the surface is no logo, you can even customize the color patterns may be more willing to make their own headset wear out to the streets.

Experience: Many new function, although adjustable noise reduction is very intimate, but apparently not spike Bose

On DIVA, FIIL added a lot of “available” new features, The reason said “available” is that the current variety of hardware, the word seems to be linked to the nerve to fight smart in today’s competitive market.

After nearly a week of experiences, we carefully experience of these new features compared to the previous generation, the Bluetooth headset can eliminate the interference line, touch the right ear operation, you can adjust the volume and songs without pulling out the phone case down, and the operation is not easy to inadvertently success will beep to remind eliminate the uncertainty that he is not the point of the sense of unease.

Headset with intelligent sensing capabilities, when you take off the headset, it will automatically stop the music playback.



Supporting the use of the app with headphones, the sound can simply adjust the output effect, see the remaining capacity of the headset and some simple settings. although app interface looks very simple, but relatively restrained to use features will not be too many people have “intelligent” full of resentment harassment.


Of course, the most important function, in fact, is the adjustable noise reduction, known as the spike in the number of parameters Bose noise reduction, which is also an important selling point of DIVA. It can eliminate 96% of the low-frequency noise, in contrast to some of the internal parameters, or even seconds, the industry benchmark for noise reduction BOSE QC series.

This is described in the press conference, Wang Feng of noise reduction on the FIIL DIVA. DIVA can now experience the whisper mode is divided into four types: open mode, monitor mode, noise reduction mode and wind patterns. It is simply the effect of the noise reduction level 3 intensity adjustment, the wind pattern is a wind friction-optimized headset with special mode, open the app in.


Estimated number of readers concerned about the noise reduction effect of DIVA in the end can not spike the BOSE QC series. It is really good noise reduction effect DIVA, in noisy environments, has been with the QC35 comparable, but the biggest problem DIVA noise, but also in the noise floor, and QC35 this point there is still a gap. Especially in the relatively quiet environment is particularly evident.

But we had to admit that the noise reduction effect DIVA in thousand-level headphones is really hard to find an opponent, if you think that the BOSE QC35 noise reduction effect is good, but it can not afford USD$ 240, FIIL DIVA is a good choice for that.


Friendly reminder, you should try several type of headphone before buying noise canceling headphones, as to avoid misunderstanding noise reduction, and if you are a quality control before purchasing DIVA still cautious. Because DIVA can only be considered quite satisfactory performance, Whitewater general, not too heavy bass, nor very ethereal vocals, as the sense of hearing, or to themselves heard before making a decision, after all, different people have different feelings.

Can the DREAM achieved?


This is Wang Feng to FIIL initially expected. Experienced the first generation of exploration, obviously, FIIL second generation DIVA finally found a path suited to their development: Add as many features, and take a relatively low price of cost-effective route, but without losing the texture does not fall rough.


Back to the essence of the problem, DIVA is worthwhile to buy? Which to buy is more appropriate? We believes that DIVA is indeed a highly cost-effective headset, but DIVA apparently has its own obvious problems, brand reputation is not large enough to attract more young people to wear out to the streets, a bit configuration experience for cost-effective, can do anything, but not do anything too extreme.

The last sentence, before buying headphones, sound is concerned, the real machine is best for yourself, anxious to buy, easy to regret.




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