DOMINO DM368 3G Smartwatch Review : This One is Beautiful

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Smartwatches are becoming more and more popular these days as they provide almost all the major features that we get via our smartphones. Today, we bring you the review of yet another smartwatch from Domino named the Domino DM368. The design of this smartwatch will surely make you fell in love with it. Let’s begin with the review of Domino DM368.

Domino DM368


Design of Domino DM368

The design is something that makes it unique. The smartwatch comes with a stainless steel build along with the silicone strap. This whole combination makes the watch look and feel premium. The central part of the smartwatch is 1.2cm thick, and the silicone strap ensures that you don’t get any irritation in summers due to sweat. On the right, there is the On/Off button along with the microphone. Coming to the left, there is the speaker. The back of this smartwatch is made up of plastic, and the back features the heart rate sensor along with the charging pins. Also, there is a small port given at the bottom that allows you to put your 3G SIM card.  As we are talking about the design, the color options include Black, White, and Red. Personally, I like the Red color options perfect. What about you?


Screen of Domino DM368

The Domino DM368 features an AMOLED 1.39-inch round display with the space cutting technology. The resolution is 400×400 with a pixel density of 286ppi. The display is crisp and bright, and it can easily let you operate the screen in sunlight. The screen also has the hypersensitive touch that means the touchscreen is sensitive. This makes the touch experience more impressive.


DOMINO DM368 Performace

We have seen a lot of Chinese smartwatches with MediaTek chipsets and well, the Domino DM368 is not an exception at all as it features the MediaTek MTK6580 Quad-Core chipset that is clocked at 1.3GHz. Coming to other memory aspects, we have 512MB RAM and 8GB internal storage. The RAM might disappoint you but believe me, at regular usage, this smartwatch works smooth. The only downside is the use of MediaTek instead if Snapdragon, which in my case is much faster than MediaTek.


UI of Domino DM368

Android 5.1 runs out of the box in the Domino DM368 Smartwatch so; the watch features Google’s material design, and the multi-tasking is going to be smooth. And ‘you can use YouTube, Telegram or navigate with the browser, in short everything you can do with a smartphone you can replicate the Domino course without expecting great performances. Coming to the battery, there is a 400mAh battery that can provide talk time of 2 and a half hours as per the company. Well, 400mAh is surely not a big battery so you can expect a difference in the standby time in reality as compared to that mentioned by the company.



Since it is a smartwatch, surely it has some unique features. The Domino DM368 comes with Heart Rate Monitoring. So, with the accurate Heart Rate Sensor, the smartwatch will let you know your heart rate status anywhere and anytime. Also, as mentioned in the beginning, it is a 3G smartwatch, so it supports nano-SIM card and also supports WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0.  DM368 also features GPS so even without your phone; you can check the distance you covered, the trail you need to take, etc.


The Domino DM368 could be a good choice under $90 due to its fantastic looks and features. But, there are some situations where you might now like to buy it. Let us suppose if you like sports in which it is necessary to have a track of your running, monitor heartbeats and maybe not even miss a call while listening to music; then this is not the product for you.




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