Best Cheapest Chinese Smartwatch 2016 – Buyer’s Guide

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2016 is almost over, and we have seen many amazing smartwatches. Some of them belong to high-end category, while some of them are from low-end and mid-range category. We saw overpriced smartwatches as well as cheap ones among those numerous products. This simply means it’s very difficult for a regular buyer to find out which of them deserves the price tag they are available at. The Best Cheapest Chinese Smartwatch 2016 Buyer’s Guide should help you to find the cheapest and worthy Chinese smartwatch. Moreover, this guide is not only for those who don’t own a smartwatch and want to acquire the best smartwatch at the cheapest price. It’s also for those who have already got a smartwatch but are mulling alternatives.


As I said we have reviewed tons of smartwatches during this year, and I have to say most of them are capable of fighting against top brands. However, those handsets are priced high, and not everyone can afford himself/herself to get hands on it. So it’s just ‘fatal’ to get acquainted with this buyer’s guide in order to find out what smartwatches can be purchased for a song.

The first thing you have to know about the Best Cheapest Chinese Smartwatch 2016 Buyer’s Guide isall smartwatches introduced in it are under $40. Some of them are even available at $9. Thus you can get an actually useful and outstanding smartwatch without forking out.


I9 smarwatch with black watch strap and 1.54-icnh display

The first product we should get acquainted with is the i9. This device is designed for those who prefer vivid colors and think accessories should be in them as well. The i9 smartwatch comes with a square-shape 1.54-inch screen at 240×240 pixels. The case is made of s stainless steel .The straps are made of soft rubber. There are five different colors it is available in. Plus, there is a 0.3MP camera allowing to record videos and capture photos when you need it. Though the camera is not made to take high quality photos, it still provides acceptable performance if taking its price into account.

However, one of the key features of the i9 is the fact it’s a standalone smartwatch meaning it comes with an independent SIM card slot. And though it supports only GSM: 50/ 900 / 1800 / 1900MHz, this is sufficient to make and receive calls without an additional smartphone.

As for hardware, the i9 smartwatch comes with a 32MB of RAM, 128MB of internal storage that can be expanded up to 128GB, and finally, a 250mAh battery that will keep this watch running up to 150 hours.

This smartwatch comes with almost all the necessary apps pre-installed including Pedometer, Sedentary reminder, Heart rate monitor and so on. But I guess its selling point is the anti-lost function. The latter means you can sync your smartwatch with your smartphone, and once the i9 is 5-10 meters away, the i9 will vibrate or ring. At last, this smartwatch has an IP54 waterproof certificate.

No.1 G5

no.1 G5

This smartwatch is very popular among those who want a smartwatch for both sports and casual wearing. It is made of stainless steel. Its round 1.2-inch screen provides a pretty good displaying experience. The screen comes with a sapphire glass, which is surrounded by a plastic bezel. The latter carries minute markings as well as cardinal directions (e.g. N/S & E/W). Though it may seem to be too big, but trust me this smartwatch fits smoothly into any wrist. The straps are made of TPU rubber. And finally, the No.1 G5 is available in three color options – black, silver, and gold.

Unfortunately, this is not a standalone smartwatch and it requires additional smartphones to operate with. However, it requires using either Android Wear or Mediatek’s Smart Device app, otherwise it will connect to smartphones via a default app called Fundo. Seems the Android Wear app is a game breaker, but it will take you little time to go through settings and make the aforementioned app as the default connecting app.

The No.1 G5 sports a 64MB of ROM and 380mAh battery. There are no camera or other eye-catching features, but you can access your phone’s camera and other options remotely. Plus, there is a standard set of apps pre-installed such as Pedometer, Calories burnt, and Heart rate monitor.



This is the next standalone smartwatch we should look at. It comes with a square-shaped design and sports a 1.54-inch screen at a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels. The straps are made of a high-quality soft rubber and provide a refined, comfortable fit on your wrist. There are three color options – blue, black and red.

The GD19 also comes with a 0.3MP camera to capture the most necessary moment of your life. I mean there are many cases when you need to take photos of something without attracting attention. So this smartwatch can assist you perfectly in this or other cases.

This device is packed with a MTK6260 360MHz CPU that is paired with a 64MB of RAM and 128MB of ROM, but the latter can be expanded up to 32GB via TF card slot. There is also a 350mAh battery providing a long lasting life to your smartwatch.

Though the GD19 is a standalone smartwatch supporting GSM850/900/1800/1900Mhz network bands, it also is compatible with Android smartphones. As for software, it comes with Pedometer, Remote Camera, Sedentary reminder, Sleep monitoring and anti-lost alert as well.

TenFifteen A10

TenFifteen A10

When looking at the TenFifteen A10 for the first time we have a feeling it is a bit bulky. But when wearing it for a few minutes, we understand this is one from those smartwatches that it looks quite attractive in your wrist and showcases everything it owns. I mean it comes with a rounded 1.22-inch screen, a 0.3MP camera and rubber straps. There are three color options – black, blue, and silver.

The TenFifteen A10 also sports a Mediatek MT6261 chipset, with 32 MB RAM and 64MB internal storage. But if it is not sufficient you can expand the memory via a SD card slot. Like previous models it is a standalone smartwatch supporting 2G network. But if you want more, you can connect it to an Android smartphone via Bluetooth 3.0 and control your phone remotely.

Actually, this is not a sports smartwatch, but it can’t be considered as an elegant handset as well. So you can wear it anytime you want. Moreover, it comes with a standard set of apps pre-installed allowing you to control your health.

King Wear GT08

King Wear GT08

This is one of the most acceptable Apple Watch clones available in the market. The King Wear GT08 looks identical to the original smartwatch, but as you can guess some features are weaken. Anyway, the watch is crafted from titanium, therefore it looks very solid. The curved bezels help the device in this sense. One of the selling points of the King Wear GT08 is the camera on the front. And though it is not at the highest megapixels, it still provides a good shooting experience. The straps are made of silicon, but they differ from others due to an outstanding look. There are four color options –silver, black, champagne, and red.

Being an Apple Watch clone it comes with a square-shaped 1.54-inch screen at a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels. The model also sports a MediaTeK 6260A paired with a 64MB RAM and only 128MB of internal storage, and a 350mAh battery.

This is a standalone smartwatch supporting 2G, thus you can call and text directly from the King Wear GT08. But if you want more, the watch can sync with an Android device and let you do more things.



Another square-shaped smartwatch with a regular look but with many useful features in terms of hardware and software. It comes with a 1.54-inch 2.5D Arc HD touchscreen. And what I like more is the camera located on the front panel. Such smartwatches showcase what they offer at the first sight. The straps are made of silicone and there are four color options to choose from – black, blue, pink, and chocolate.

This is a standalone smartwatch, and thanks to a SIM card slot you can make and receive calls independently without using another device for this deal. The ZGPAX S79 is also packed with a MTK6260 CPU clocked at 360MHz, a 8MB of RAM, 8MB of ROM that can be expanded up to 16GB via a TF card slot, and a 320mAh battery providing up to 78 hours of standby time.

It is compatible with both Android and iOS handsets, though some functions like messaging, recording, or file manager require installing additional apps. But as we are dealing with a regular smartwatch you can download and use many apps such as Heart rate monitor, sedentary reminder, anti-lost, and many more.



The CYUC GT08 is known as one of the thinnest smartwatches in the globe. It comes with a rectangular form that carries a 1.54 TFT HD touchscreen. The housing is made of metal with CNC crafted edges, while the straps are made of silicone. Thus we are dealing with a regular smartwatch that is only at 11mm of thickness and weighs only 62 grams. There are three color options you can choose from – black, silver, and red, though initially it was launched in 7 colors including white, gold, blue and green.

This ultrathin smartwatch is packed with a MTK6261 CPU clocked at 530 MHz and paired with a 128MB of RAM as well as 64MB of internal memory storage. Agree, this is one of the best combinations we have seen today. There is also a 350mAh battery providing up to a week of standby time.

Unfortunately, this is not a standalone smartwatch and you have to sync it with a smartphone running on Android 4.4 and higher or iOS 8.0 and higher. Once you did it, the CYUC GT08 will be ready to provide myriad of features including Pedometer, voice control, anti-lost, sedentary reminder, sleep monitoring and many more.

MiFone L58


This smartwatch is considered as the best choice when looking for a low-end smartwatch with high-end design. It comes with a standard rounded screen, though its size is a bit smaller than the rest in this list – only 0.66 inches. Anyway, it’s an OLED screen meaning it will provide a good viewing experience even under the direct sunlight. The body of the MiFone L58 is made of a CNC aluminum, while the straps are fluoroelastomer, which means they are made of rubber. I guess one of the key features of this device is its IP67 certificate meaning it is dust tight and waterproof up to 1m underwater. Note none of the aforementioned smartwatches have such a certificate. Moreover, the most of them don’t have anything to offer in this sense. There are two color options –black and white.

As for hardware, the MiFone L58 comes with a 64MB of RAM, 128MB of ROM and 120mAh battery. It may seem the battery is a bit smaller than what we’ve expected, but it is capable of providing up to 30 days of standby time.

As for other features, the MiFOne L58 is not a standalone smartwatch, therefore you need additional smartphones running on Android 4.0 and higher or iOS 7.0 and higher to operate with. Once you sync your watch with a smartphone you will get access to calls, messaging, camera and many more. At last, there is a standard set of health apps like Pedometer, Heart rate monitor and so on.


As you see, the market is full of different smartwatches coming with various specs list, and you only have to look more attentively in order to find the best smartwatch deal. Some of those smartphones are standalone, while some of them require an additional mobile phone to connect to. Moreover, there are smartwatches with elegant design and smartwatches with sports appearance. You decide what you need. One thing is clear, this buyer’s guide should be helpful when looking for the cheapest Chinese smartwatch with a decent specs list.




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