Ausdom Jogtos Review : $25 budget wireless bluetooth earbuds!

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The budget Bluetooth earbud market is completely flooded and saturated, and many smaller companies wanting to make a name for themselves find it difficult to stand out. One of the more successful companies is Ausdom and they have made quite a few successful Bluetooth earbuds and over the ear headphones. Starting at $25, the Ausdom Jogtos are one of the cheapest Bluetooth exercise earbuds you can buy. Directly competing with the Syllable D700 , the main difference between the D700 and the Jogtos are the use of ear hooks versus the latter’s use of stabilizing ear fins. Either way, let’s see how well the Ausdom Jogtos perform.

For the price you pay, you get quite a few accessories. Not only do you get the obligatory user manual and a little card encouraging you to review these earbuds, but you also get an extra set of ear fins as well as two extra pairs of ear tips. Included in the package is also the micro USB charging cable and the earbuds themselves.

Ausdom Jogtos

The earbud shield is glossy plastic while the rest of the device is mostly rubber. The cable is a flat linguini style cable that does not have the same quality feel as something like the Jaybird X2s or the Oneplus 3’s charging cable. In fact, the D700’s rubber build feels a lot better than this Ausdom Jogto’s plastic. There is also a cable clip included with the package as well.

Ausdom Jogtos

The inline remote control is also rather large and chunky, but the standard volume and power buttons are present along with the removable charging port.

Ausdom Jogtos

There is a clearly marked left and right earbud, with the inline remote hanging off the left side. This might actually bother some people who are right handed but was a welcome change for a leftie like me. The one big difference that was immediately obvious between the Syllable D700s and the Ausdom Jogtos was the seal provided by the earbuds. The latter pair provided a much better seal while the D700s had a much poorer seal due to the earhooks. However, the ear fin style of exercise earbuds leaves you with the nagging feeling that the Jogtos are just about ready to fall out when they are not. This feeling is not matched up to reality because the Jogtos never fell out of my ear at all and in fact holds onto my ear almost as well as the D700s. The ear fins counterbalance the earbuds themselves very well in my ear. There is no mention of water resistance but it is sweat resistant.

The battery life on these Jogtos really surprised me. With a capacity of 70mAh, I was expecting similar battery life to the D700s (65mAh), around 5 hours. However, to my surprise, the Jogtos would not die and lasted for almost 8 hours, falling short around 7 hours and 30 minutes. This was at medium volume listening to a mixture of music and podcasts. The impressive battery took about 2 hours to charge completely from a computer’s USB port.

The audio quality is surprisingly good. Highs and mids were clear, and there was more than enough bass. I absolutely love watching TV on my tablet with these earbuds because I can walk away from the tablet to pick up a snack and still know what’s going on. The earbuds provided a very good seal, blocking out a lot of ambient noise allowing me to concentrate on the music. As a non audiophile, it is more than ample enough for something like Spotify and Apple Music. However, the audio here is no match for an expensive bluetooth set like the Jaybird X2s. If you are an audiophile, I really don’t think this is the product for you. One thing I dislike is that lowest volume is not very low. Lowest volume isn’t loud enough to blow your ears out, but sometimes you just want to listen to something softer and it’s not. Other than that, no complaints at all.

At this price, the Jogtos have plenty of flaws, the biggest one being audio quality. However, when you consider the price, you can’t really complain either, considering the Jaybird X2s cost at least 4 times as much. In conclusion, I’m pretty satisfied with these Ausdom Jogtos. There’s not really much to complain about except for the low volume not being very soft at all. If you are looking for alternatives, I recommend you check out the Syllable D700s, those are also another cheap option. I highly recommend these Ausdom Jogtos to the budget consumer. Thanks so much for watching and hit like and subscribe if you enjoyed this video.




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