Apple Watch Series 3 Revealed: Here’s everything you need to know

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Apple Watch Series 3: Release date, price, specs, and latest news

Apple has taken the covers off the new Apple Watch 3. Here’s everything you need to know about the updated wearable.

At its launch event, Tim Cook announced that the Apple Watch grew 50% year-on year following the launch of the Apple Watch Series 2. It’s also overtaken Rolex as the number 1 watch in the world, although it wasn’t clear by what criteria.

Following that success, it’ll come as little surprise the company also revealed the Apple Watch Series 3, which includes cellular for the first time. You’ll now be able to take and make calls from your Apple Watch Series 3, and it’ll use the same number as your iPhone, which has been a complaint about LTE-enabled smartwatches in the past.

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You’ll also be able to stream music thanks to the cellular connection through Apple Music directly from your wrist. This is going to be fantastic news for fitness fans.

It doesn’t just stop at cellular. There’s also a new S3 dual-core processor delivering 70% more performance than the S2. The extra performance now means that Siri can now talk through the built-in speaker, reading out useful information without you needing to look at the display. There’s a new W2 chip for wireless connectivity, including an 85% boost to Wi-Fi performance and 50% increase in power efficiency for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

A new altimeter is now included, which was one of the complaints about the Series 2. This means elevation data can now be obtained, which is great for runners, cyclists and skiers alike. It also means the Apple Watch Series 3 will detect the flights of stairs you climb, useful if you need the added motivation to take the stairs in lieu of the elevator. The inclusion, alongside the existing GPS and heart rate monitor, makes the Apple Watch Series 3 more able to go up against the recently announced Fitbit Ionic.

The display is the antenna for LTE and UMTS, which is a clever feat of engineering when many antennas are integrated into the strap making them stiff and uncomfortable. The Apple Watch Series 3 will also use a e-SIM, which also cuts down on the size. This means the Apple Watch Series 2 and Series 3 are almost the same size.

There’s a new aluminium gold finish as well as a new sport loop band. A Nike+ Apple Watch Series 3 collaboration is also making a return in addition to a new Hermes model. Then there’s a new Ceramic Grey finish joining last year’s premium Ceramic White model for those with deeper pockets.

Apple Watch Series 3 operating system

Apple already announced watchOS 4 at its WWDC event earlier in the year, revealing the new operating system will become available for existing Apple Watch devices around the autumn. The new Apple Watch 3 will come with the new operating system straight out of the box.

The updated OS will include new features such as a Siri watch face, which will proactively bring useful information to your watch’s screen. There will also be new watch faces such as a number of Toy Story-themed options. You’ll also be able to pay person-to-person Apple Pay payments. The Music app has also had a revamp and will now auto-sync certain playlists, meaning you’ll have access to your most listened to tunes from your watch.

Much of the updates focus around the health and fitness aspect of the Apple Watch, which has seen the wearable become a sports tracker of choice for many people. Improvements will include support for HIIT workouts and a number of new sports. You can also expect a new Heart Rate app, which shows you vital statistics on your ticker, which is also being used as part of Apple’s Heart Study.

Apple Watch 3 battery life

Battery life is said to be the same as the Apple Watch Series 2, which Apple rates as 18-hours. This applies for whether you opt for the cellular or non-cellular option.

Apple Watch Series 3 Release Date: When is the next Apple Watch out?

The Apple Watch Series 3 will be available to order on Friday September 15th and released on Friday September 22nd in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, the UK and the US, with other countries following next year.

Apple Watch Series 3 Price: How much will the Apple Watch Series 3 cost and what providers support it?

The new model will start at $329 for the GPS model, with it rising to $399 for the cellular + GPS model. The Series 1 will remain for $249. Unfortunately, the UK continues to pay more with these directly translating to £ prices. That means the Series 3 will start at £329 for the GPS model and £399 for the cellular + GPS option. The Series 1 will cost £249.

In the UK, it’s been announced that EE will exclusively be supporting the Apple Watch Series 3 GPS + Cellular model. You’ll have to own an iPhone 6 or newer and be on a Pay Monthly or SIM only contract with EE.  For those mid-contract, EE says “the plan for the Watch will run for 24 months, regardless of how long your phone plan runs for.” Contract pricing for the Apple Watch Series 3’s cellular connection hasn’t been announced yet, but you’re able to register your interest.

In the US, the likes of AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile have revealed it will cost $10 more a month to add a Apple Watch Series 3 to your contract with some providing the first few months gratis.





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