5 Reasons to Buy Xiaomi Mi Band 2 for the Cheapest Price – $26.49!

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We have witnessed many smart bands/smartwatches come and go, but Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is the only one to create a long lasting impact in not only Chinese market but the International market as well. We can still perceive Xiaomi Mi Band 2 as the choice of the world. It has been four months since the release of Mi Band 2 still the love of the people has never faded even an inch, but the stupendous health partner continues to gain more notoriety worldwide.

But what makes.Xiaomi Mi Band 2 so special. Why the people love it so much? Well, to enlighten our readers here are the top 5 reasons you can’t stop admiring it.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 – 5 Reasons That We Can’t Resist It!

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Reason 1: The Ultra-Affordable Price

That’s right! Xiaomi Mi Band 2 has a price tag around $26 (After using Coupon), allowing everyone to savor its numerous features. Seriously, there’s nothing to lose or disappoint in spending that much but rather several health benefits. However, the previous generations including Xiaomi Mi Band and Mi Band 1S are a lot cheaper than the descendant which brings us to our second reason.

Reason 2: The Independency with OLED Screen

All Xiaomi enthusiasts would remember that the predecessor of Xiaomi Mi Band 2 had no screen. That’s why they were totally smartphone independent and we now that how much it is uncomfortable to carry the phone during cardio. However, the Chinese manufacturer never did the same with Mi Band 2 as they introduced a0.42-inch OLED screen. Sadly, it’s not capacitive but still we can view steps, calorie count, distance, and heart rate via the button situated on near the screen. Moreover, it’s a scratch resistant glass and an anti-fingerprint coating for an extra layer of protection is added. We can only say that it’s better to have something rather than nothing. With the OLED screen, we can SAY NO TO SMARTPHONE.

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Reason 3: The Long Lasting Battery

Who would have thought that the introduction of OLED screen in Mi Band 2 could have increased its battery life to a total of 20 days? Even the duration is 2X than its older brother Mi Band 1S which promised ten days of battery with no OLED display. Believe it or not, the enduring power for a month is an average but if carefully used it can last more than 30 days with ease. The credit goes to the 70mAh Lithium polymer battery.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Reason 4: The Infinite Endurance

There’s a substantial reason why Xiaomi never received a complaint related to shattering of Xiaomi Mi Band 2. Maybe the reason is hidden inside the anti-scratch glass and plastic alloy chassis. We agree that the previous models were much durable as they were forged from aluminum metal alloy. Mi Band 2 is a little bit vulnerable but still that weakness is not enough to tear the smart band apart. Even it is IP67 certified blessing it the characteristics of water and dust resistance.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 display

Reason 5: Premium Features

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is packed with all the features you every wanted in a perfect health partner. These includes premium features such as:

  • A Military motion sensor
  • Real-time heart/pulse rate monitor
  • Pedometer with distance, steps, and calories count
  • Sleep monitor with deep and light sleep
  • Wake up alarm
  • Sedentary reminder
  • Phone alerts (calls, notifications, etc.)

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Technical Specs


In conclusion, we can finally say:

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is one of the cheapest, finest, independent, and long lasting fitness smart band on the planet

You can buy it from Lightinthebox for the most affordable price of $26.49 by using Coupon code: SO5064470NEW1 or SO5064470NEW2

(xiaomitoday.com, https://goo.gl/lHqCQp)



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