3 Glasses S1 Virtual Reality 3D Headset Review

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The 3 Glasses S1 VR headset (aka 3 Glasses Blue Amber S1 3D headset) was announced back in January this year at CES 2016.

3 Glasses S1

The whole 3 Glasses team made a furor with their innovative technologies, but this headset was in the spotlight. As the pre-orders have begun at a price tag of $512.46, we decided to take a look at this awesome gadget. The pre-sales ends on August 20, so you have much time to get acquainted with this device and find out whether it deserves the buzz made around itself in recent months.

We have already told you that virtual reality is going to become the technology everyone will like to be in. So we should review as many headsets as possible to find out which of them meets our requirements the best, thus our purpose is to become familiar with a list of devices that can take us out of this world. In this case, the 3 Glasses S1 Virtual Reality 3D Headset seems to be a very attractive “transporter”.

When reviewing a VR headset first I look at the screen resolution. If it’s lower than the top brand products offer, I try to find if there is at least one unique feature that can make it to stand out. As for this headset, everything is all right, because the 3 Glasses S1 Virtual Reality 3D Headset comes with a 2880x1440P resolution TFT screen with 120Hz of refresh rate, which helps the device provide clear and less distorted image. It’s also comes with a 110 degrees FOV to provide an immersive experience. The response time is 10ms, which is bit higher than many of its competitors offer. That’s not the highest resolution we’ve ever seen, because there is such a beast like the PIMAX 4K UHD Virtual Reality 3D Headset. If you are familiar with our review, you should know it has a lower price tag and higher screen resolution, 3840x2160P. But let’s be honest the PIMAX headset provides 4K images, while our hero uses a custom-made binocular revolutionary 2K VR displays at 700PPI, which is thought to be one of the highest densities in the market. The 2880x1440P resolution is the way better than HTC’s and Sony’s VR headsets. This was also mentioned during the event, so let’s mark this feature as acceptable and go on.

Audio on 3 Glasses S1

The 3 Glasses S1 Virtual Reality 3D Headset has a pair of HiFi earphones that are able to give you a perfect sound effect. I’m not an expert of earphones, but 3 Glasses is, so be sure nothing will prevent you to enjoy your virtual reality in terms of sound.

Stylish Design on 3 Glasses S1

We have seen many VR devices that just can’t make competition due to their terrible design. Currently there are tons of VR headsets, and their design should be one of the key features the manufacturers must take into account. Fortunately, this headset is very stylish and looks quite attractive. The 3 Glasses Blubur S1 has an ergonomic design with an adjustable headband and soft foam comfortable for everyone regardless the head size and form. Honestly, the designers of this headset have worked much, and seems there is no detail we can detract for. Conversely, the 3 Glasses S1 Virtual Reality 3D comes with an exquisite craftsmanship that provides a high-class appearance and helps the device find it place among others.

This headset is made of ABS and aluminum. The last is bit worrying because the metal can get hotter when wearing long. However, let’s trust 3 Glasses as they are in the market for a long time and know what is best.

I guess most of you will be surprised knowing that it weighs only 27 grams. As for dimensions the VR headset comes at 19.20×10.20×9.80 cm and it is available only in black yet.


There is no option available to connect this headset to OSVR, SteamVR or any other SDK. This headset is compatible only with PC. But I think no one will accuse 3 Glasses for this, because this is the first attempt to make a domestic VR product with such features.

Other Useful Features and Packaging

Commonly, VR headsets are packed with a few standard features to protect your eyes. One of such features is Anti-Blue laser, which is designed to protect your vision when wearing it for continuous time. Its built-in 200mAh battery will provide a long time usage, undoubtedly. So no reason to worry about your eyes safety.

The 3 Glasses S1 Virtual Reality 3D Headset is compatible with the new 3Wand controller. It includes an external infrared camera for position tracking and it has a 2M space orientation range. So unlike many other VR headsets this one comes fully equipped – the packaging includes the 3D VR headset itself, 1 body sensor, 2 remote controllers and a User manual in English.

About the Company

3 Glasses has been in the VR industry for about 15 years. That’s why no one surprises of its 70 successful patents. May be you won’t believe me, but 3Glasses stepped into the VR industry much earlier than Oculus and has worthily become a world-renowned producer of Virtual Reality products.

The company has started a deep cooperation with such giants like Sankwo, Digital Domain, Shenzhen Tongfang Information Technologies Co. LTD, and Imagination Technologies. This means all the best VR content is there available for your pleasure.

The Bottom Line

We’ve been there at ChinaJoy 16 held on July 28-31. The Blue Amber S1 was there as well attracting many players and VR users attention. So it would be a crime not to put our hands on this device. When looking at it for the first time you understand that’s a perfect combination of technology and art. To feel what I am talking about you can check out the corresponding video below.

Not surprisingly, 3 Glasses could design an outstanding headset. I am talking so, because this company has had a dream to make a consumer-oriented VR product available for everyone, and with the launch of this headset we can say their efforts spent during last two years brought the 3 Glasses to their dream.

I guess it will be difficult for the 3 Glasses S1 Virtual Reality 3D Headset among top brands, but on the other hand, this headset sports all the necessary features to make a tough competition.

(xiaomitoday.com, http://goo.gl/tt1bVp)



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