Taipower X5 Pro Tablet Review : Such a Powerfull Windows Tablet PC

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In the Windows 10 Tablet PC launched at the beginning, many people complain about CPU performance is not to force, casually open a few programs will appear CPU occupancy rate of 100%, surfing the web, not open much content, memory occupancy began alarm, so consumption Who are looking forward to when the Windows 10 Tablet PC to keep pace with the times in performance.

Taipower X5 Pro

With the combination of Tablet PC strong rise, our daily office with a new choice, as long as its performance can give some power, the appearance of some of the more refined, many friends are willing to abandon the bulky traditional notebook computers, A flat embrace. So Taipower aimed at the strong consumer demand, introduced a completely comparable to the ultra-X5 Pro combo tablet.

The appearance of metal

Microsoft’s Surface Tablet PC for the combo opened a good first, but the Microsoft Surface series seems to have become a benchmark tablet PC products, so many of my friends mentioned the first Tablet PC is Microsoft’s first thought Of the Surface, showing its success in the design. Taipower X5 Pro in the design of imitation of the Microsoft Surface of the outstanding, but without losing their style.

12.2-inch screen for the traditional Tablet PC is a relatively large size, but for the main mobile office use Combo Tablet PC, it can be described as just right. On the one hand, about 12-inch screen space is larger, can accommodate more content in a single screen to enhance office efficiency, on the other hand, compared to 14-inch notebook, 12 inches or so is very conducive to carry, On the vast majority of backpack can be easily loaded.

Speaking of portability, Taipower X5 Pro absolute victory over the vast majority of notebook computers on the market, its length and width were 305mm and 202mm, this size and a magazine similar size, and 10.4mm body thickness, although not with Samsung Galaxy TabPro S such as thin and light players comparable, but the thickness of about 10mm for carrying is still much easier than the traditional laptop.

Metal fuselage has become a smart phone, notebook computers and tablet PCs in the most popular consumer body materials, especially magnesium alloy body, is widely used in high-end smart devices. On the one hand, the metal material to enhance the overall texture of the product to help a lot, while taking into account the characteristics of wear-resistant plastic will not be as prone to scratches on the other hand, the metal good thermal conductivity makes the overall body as a natural cooling Device, to avoid the fuselage due to internal overheating and unexpected situation.

Taipower in the fuselage design does not use too radical design, but rather conservative design style, the body surface is not too much decorative design, Taipower Logo prominently in the central body, in addition to There is nothing else. This simple design just fit the two-in-one flat focus on the characteristics of mobile office, productivity is the pursuit of X5 Pro.

12.2-inch screen, sharp and sharp 5Mp camera in general

Currently on the market a lot of traditional notebook computers also adhere to the ancient resolution of 1366 × 768, recently a number of well-known international brands released a new laptop, but the screen resolution is still in adhere to 1366 × 768. I believe that consumers increasingly high demand for the display today, 1080P mobile devices should become standard.

Taipower X5 Pro equipped with this 12.2-inch IPS display resolution of 1920 × 1200, display clear and sharp, for everyday office and enjoy high-definition video, this display display quality to meet the vast majority of consumers demand. Although many products currently on the market using 2K or 3K level of the display, but Taipower does not blindly pursue high resolution, the blind pursuit of high resolution will not only lead to increased power consumption, the other for the daily office 2K even 3K The resolution of the effect brought about by the increase is not obvious that such inputs can not be exchanged for the output of the same.

Camera is never the strength of the Tablet PC, usually consumers will rarely use the Tablet PC on the camera, but once again when not necessary will be very embarrassing. So Taipower X5 Pro equipped with a 500 million pixel rear camera, if the current mainstream smart phone contrast, then the Taipower X5 Pro defeat, but after all, not a regular video camera video work, so 500 million pixel camera Also can let people accept, at least shooting out of photo effect is not unsightly, as emergency shooting using is not a problem.

Keyboard feel comfortable to improve office efficiency

Combo Tablet PC, it is precisely because the keyboard to join, making the input efficiency of the Tablet PC has been greatly improved, Tablet PC has the ability to impact the notebook computer market. Keyboard feel is directly related to the input efficiency, iPad Pro Smart Keyboard is because of poor input feel and users have been criticized, then Taipower X5 Pro keyboard feel?

I actually experience the Taipower X5 Pro keyboard, through a large text entry test, I believe that the X5 Pro keyboard input feel and ordinary laptop keyboard input feel is more similar, although the keyboard thickness limits the key way, but the moderate hard and soft The intensity of the input process is very easy, neither too soft rebound strength that feel no, nor too much effort caused by too tired fingers can be said to be just right.

However, Taipower X5 Pro keyboard does not have the backlight function, so in a dark environment, if not familiar with the keyboard for a friend, to achieve precise input more difficult. But this is not absolute, for the keyboard is very familiar with the user, even blindfolded, they can also easily enter, so there is no backlight is not a flawed.

The touchpad on the keyboard as a tool to replace the mouse, it directly determines the experience of the case does not rely on the efficiency of the mouse in the case, X5 Pro of the touch pad is larger and more sensitive area, which for touch operation More convenient and flexible, but the bottom of the mouse around the trigger intensity is slightly larger, the user needs to use some effort to press.

Seven generations of core memory and SSD core

Performance is often the user is most concerned about the electricity, Windows 10 Tablet PC from the earliest Z3735F + 2GB RAM evolved to the Z8300 +4 GB RAM, now Taipower X5 Pro has the hardware upgrade to the latest seventh-generation Core Core +8 GB dual channel memory + 240GB SSD luxury lineup, this configuration has been catching up with the current market mainstream ultra-pole of this product, the hardware upgrade so that we have more expectations.

Intel Core m3-7Y30 is a two-in-one Tablet PC and ultra-pole of the low-power processor, dual-core four threads, using 14nm process, the thermal design power (TDP) is only 4.5W. Compared to the previous generation, m3-7Y30 Core frequency up to 2.6GHz, performance further improved.

From the running sub-test point of view, CINEBENCH R15 test CPU score of 212cb, OpenGL score of 28.19fps, this result is a moderate level in the mobile processor, and many ultra-pole of the same, visible X5 Pro in the face Daily office applications can be very competent.

Intel Core m3-7Y30 display the core part of the Intel HD Graphics 615, graphics performance than the previous generation of products to enhance significantly, considering the GPU’s 3DMark 11 Performance mode scores reached P1081, graphics score of 988, this result can not only easily deal with Daily office, in the face of some online games can also be calmly deal with.

Before many of the 2-in-1 Tablet PC are using eMMC storage, but eMMC in the face of SSD is still completely at a disadvantage. We use AS SSD Benchmark test found that Taipower X5 Pro SSD read and write used by the 472MB / S and 382MB / S, this achievement is far better than eMMC, read and write speed can improve the application to improve the loading speed.

In addition, the Taipower X5 Pro is also equipped with a 7.6V / 5000mAh capacity lithium polymer battery, daily office can achieve more than 6 hours of battery life, which is the current mainstream ultra-pole endurance considerable.

 Taipower X5 Pro: My personal Opinion

Powerful, such as the Taipower X5 Pro combo flat in the face of the vast majority of super-pole will not fall under the wind, which seems to mark the domestic combo flat to a new height of advance, with the hardware Of the continuous upgrade, the next two-in-one Tablet PC has the opportunity to challenge the current ultra-pole of the market position. More and more attention to the work of mobile devices, portability, more and more Tablet PC may be the best choice.

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