What is the Samsung C49J89?

The C49J89 may not have a particularly enticing name, but this behemoth of a monitor is in fact packed with exciting features.

Most obviously, it’s huge. It measures 49 inches from corner to corner and it has an ultra-wide aspect ratio of 32:9. In other words, it’s the same size as two 27-inch monitors sat side-by-side.

It also boasts a gamer-friendly 144Hz refresh rate, its VA LCD panel should provide great viewing angles, and Samsung makes plenty of enticing claims about its image quality.

What’s more, to take full advantage of that massive screen, the C49J89 also includes a built-in KVM. This allows you to connect up one keyboard (K), monitor (V) and mouse (M) to two PCs and switch between them. You can also enable a picture-by-picture mode so you can see both PCs at once, and switch control between them at the touch of a button.