Onda V10 Plus Review – A Perfect Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 Killer Under $200

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Budget 2-in1 tablets and notebooks are the most selling category because they offer touch and type interface. And who else can provide better low cost 2-in-1 tablets other than China? Till now we had Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 as a cheap tablet, but it isn’t 2-in-1. Now we have found what we call the most competitive yet perfect rival of Mi Pad 3 and actual way better because of its 2-in-1 tablet and a notebook. Meet our today’s protagonist “Onda V10 Plus”, a $172.99 2-in-1 tablet with stupendous built and

Onda V10 Plus complete 1

Let’s dive into the details, to know Onda V10 Plus better:

Onda V10 Plus Review – A 2K Metal Beast Under Unimaginable Price


The Chinese manufacturer ‘Onda’ this time uses a simple white box. The color white gives a nice heart-warming expression of clean and tidy packaging. Like the rest of Onda packaging, the overall first impression is nice but can improve further. They could simply learn from Teclast and Xiaomi tablets.

Onda V10 Plus box

On the left side of the box, we have the printed model name ‘Onda V10 Plus’ along with the basic specs and bar code.

It’s an open lid styled box rather than a slider one which feels a bit cheap, but almost every Chinese tablet features the same style. So, nothing to the complaint here. After opening the box, we see the soft protective white paper. Underneath which lies the Onda V10 Plus 2-in-1 tablet.

At the bottom of the box, we find the accessories. The manufacturer is not generous with the accessories this time as the price of the product is already too low. The basic accessories include:

  • Charger
  • Data cable
  • User manual (English)

Onda V10 Plus accessories

One thing we didn’t like was that the user key interface wasn’t marked this time. A curious user might find out the functions of the keys himself.

Design & Appearance

Starting with the appearance, like the name ‘Plus’ suggest, this one is an oversized version of Onda V10 and V10 Pro. The older brothers are the 7-inch tablets while the younger brother V10 Plus is a 10.1 incher. The tablet is ultra-thin which is 9.3mm considering the massive size. It occupies a space of 25.20 x 16.50 x 0.93 cm and weighs 567 grams. If you think that it appears to be heavy, then compare it with the other 10-inch tablets which are a lot heavier than Onda V10 Plus. Seriously, the user never feels that the tablet is heavy as the weight is divided on to the complete body.

Onda V10 plus top

The only reason for the weight to be more is the premium metal body of the tablet. V10 Plus forges from an aluminum alloy metal chassis which provides robustness and elegance at the same time. The rear undergoes the famous sandblasting process that is why the metal texture shimmers into the eyes.

Onda V10 Plus back

There are fine borders at the edges which can only be made through the time-consuming CNC process. Sandblasting and CNC process when combined produces the best holding experience the user can have and it’s way better than Mi Pad 3.

Onda V10 Plus borders

On the front, we have the proximity and light sensor accompanied by the front 2MP camera. The best design aspect is the front home button at the bottom. The touch button is already the most change over we needed in the tablets. It’s not simply a button but integrates the fingerprint reader as well. However, we feel a bit weird because apart from the home button, we have the tradition three on-screen buttons as well. However, we love whether those are extras or not.

Meanwhile, moving to the rear, we have the 5MP rear camera which embosses a bit from the main chassis and appears a bit ugly. It has the anti-scratch coating on the glass that saves the day otherwise the camera lens design would have been a complete disaster.

Onda V10 Plus featured

On the top, we have the power button and the volumizer perfectly embedded and presses effortless. However, they are made of plastic but don’t have that weird click noise. Meanwhile, on the right, we have the speaker opening, TF card slot, and 3.5mm audio jack. Far away, are more connectivity ports like Micro HDMI port, USB port, DC charging port and RESET interface.

On the left, we have the speaker opening, TF card slot, and 3.5mm audio jack. Meanwhile, going from left to right we have more connectivity ports like Micro HDMI port, USB port, DC charging port and RESET interface.

Onda V10 Plus on screen

Overall, regarding built quality, it’s amazing and way better than Mi Pad 3 which also has an aluminum casing. There are some foolish layouts like that of the camera lens, but seriously there’s nothing to complain under $200.

Keyboard Layout

The bottom features the magnetic terminal to connect a keyboard via keyboard magnetic suction interface. Disappointment strikes as we have to buy the keyboard separately. However, the keyboard is worth of the purchase. It’s a flat design, with black plastic keys on a metal chassis. Notification LEDs are there as a traditional keyboard.

Onda V10 Plus keyboard

The keys rebound is comfortable not as good as CUBE Thinker i35. This keyboard uses the design of the shaft as a support to provide perfect grip to our palms. The keyboard is equipped with USB 2.0 interface on both sides.

Onda V10 Plus keyboard touch pad Onda V10 Plus keyboard LED notification

The touchpad is small but non-greasy and precise while working. The keyword as the hotkeys as well and is relatively slim like the tablet.

Screen & Display

Like we said, the ‘Plus’ version of V10 features an enormous,10.1 inch IPS Sharp 2K retina screen, with a resolution of 2560 × 1600 and pixel density of 300PPI. Most of all, It’s generous of the Chinese manufacturer that it maintained a nice retina display on a fairly large display.

Onda V10 Plus 4K video Playback

As the screen is made by SHARP, you can expect incredible contrast and crisp in the picture quality as well as the screen brightness. The screen is perfect enough to watch movies, play games, and do some office work on the 10-point touchscreen. The view angles are great on an IPS display. You can view the screen at max 170 degrees with no black borders.

However, the down point is that the screen isn’t fully laminated and has some annoying fingerprint marks that must be cleaned.

Hardware & OS

Onda V10 Plus equips with a 64-bit MT8173 quad-core processor featuring two Cortex-A72 with a frequency of 2.0GHz and two Cortex-A53 processor. The GPU is similar to iPad Air 2 with the same Power VR GX6250, running @ 700MHz. The 2GB disappoints as a bit as the SoC is great, but the multitasking gets limited because of the RAM. The 32GB eMMC storage is sufficient as long as we have a TF card supporting up to 256GB.

Onda V10 Plus GPU score geekbenchOnda V10 Plus GPU scoreOnda V10 Plus GPU score icemarkOnda V10 Plus GPU score slingshot

Tablets are not good regarding camera experience. You can’t expect anything great from a 5MP rear camera and the front 2MP shooter. However, the 5MP rear camera comes with Autofocus, and the results are great in daylight. The camera is a disaster in the low-light result and can’t be compared to Xiaomi 13MP camera. Here are some samples:

Onda V10 Plus rear camera 3
Onda V10 Plus rear camera
Onda V10 Plus rear camera 1

Onda V10 Plus rear camera 2

Onda V10 Plus has a pre-installed Android 6.0 + Phoenix OS dual boot. No doubt, the Android is old as we already have Android 8.0 now. Still, the dual boot option Phoenix UI can overcome one the cons. Moreover, OS is dedicated to Onda tablets and makes them unique and valuable. Both OS were able to run 4K video Playback without any delays and the video looked great on the screen.

Onda V10 Plus os android

You can switch between the two OS via “system mode switch” icon. Here’s what Android 6.0 looks like on Onda V10 Plus.

Onda V10 Plus os

And below is the screenshot of Phoenix OS:

Onda V10 Plus os 1

Speaker & Battery

Like we said that there’s only one speaker present on one of the side of the tablet. The sound isn’t that much loud but medium. It’s okay to listen to music in silence, but the tablet’s speaker fails to make an impact while using Onda V10 Plus outdoor.

Onda V10 Plus is powered by a 6600mAh battery. We still think that it’s not enough to withstand a complete day as the screen is 2K and the SoC is also powerful. Since the power consumption is too high, as a result with average use it last half a day, 3.5 hours gaming, 5 hours of video watching depending on the brightness.

  • Great metal built
  • 2K 10.1-inch display
  • Great SoC
  • Budget-friendly price
  • Dual OS
  • 2GB RAM
  • Medium sound from speaker
  • Poor Cameras
  • Keyboard sold separately


If you are looking for a Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 alternative with a larger display, better-built quality, and cheaper price, Onda V10 Plus is the best option for you. The hardware isn’t that much as good as Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 but worthy under $200.

(xiaomitoday.com, https://goo.gl/ZwqDo6)



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