Onda P280 G2 All In One PC Review

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The reason why many PC users switch to laptops is related with the fact there are too many cables connecting a peripheral to the PC. To avoid such situations many users even prefer tablets, though they have less capabilities. However, if you don’t want to acquire a tower PC or if you want to spend the same amount you would spend on a midrange-to-high-end laptop with a 17-inch screen, there is a perfect option for you – all in one PCs. I guess you know what it is and what advantages it has in comparison to other devices, but the Onda P280 G2 should be something different available at a quite affordable price tag.

Onda P280 G2 screen1

Before we start reviewing the Onda P280 G2, you should know a few differences the AIO come with. First, it refers to the screen. Almost all all-in-one PCs sport much bigger screens than laptops and desktop PCs, so it becomes more comfortable to work with it and watch different videos or play games with powerfuk graphics. Usually we deal with a 23-inch displays often with multi-touch capability. Second, they often come with better internal speakers than laptops, so the AIOs provide better sounds. This list can last long, but I want to mention one more feature and start reviewing our hero. The last, the all-in-one PCs usually come with better connectivity options, so you can plug on different peripherals to use for any purpose, say, you can connect it with a Blue-ray players, game consoles, or media players such as a Google Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV.

Onda P280 G2 Design

As the all all-in-one PCs have no towers to put next to the display, all the features are located on the back of it. But this doesn’t mean it should be bulky.

Usually the displays are very teen but they have an additional part attached to it that carriers all the features. The Onda P280 G2 is no exception, and it comes with an ultra-thin body to save space. The overall thickness is 4.5 cm while it has 32cm wideness and 54.8 cm height. The right side of that attached part carries a DC jack, an HDMI port, two USB 3.0 ports, an RJ45 connector to connect to internet via LAN cable, two USB 2.0 ports for common peripherals, and an audio jack.

The device comes in champagne gold, which gives and additional charm to it. Generally, there are no excessive details added to it. The edges are a bit rough, but I think this is an element of design. The overall design is minimalistic and rude (in the best sense of the term). And if there is no complaint referring to the screen, while the kickstand looks a bit annoying.

The Onda P280 G2 weighs about 4 kg, which is a standard option for such devices.

Onda P280 G2 Display

The display’s thickness is just 0.79 cm, which means we are dealing with a great screen made by the latest technologies. So if you have decided to get an all-in-one PC to save space, the Onda P280 G2 is one of the best options to choose from as it will save up to 50% space than other traditional desktop PCs.

This AIO features a 23.8-inch IPS display. It’s not touchable, though. But display will provide a Full HD viewing experience as it comes at a dimension of 1920×1080. This is also Intel’s official mainstream game board size, so you will meet no issues when loading heavy games with powerful graphics.

However, I haven’t told you the most attractive feature of the display – it is powered with a new vision technology providing 178 degree wide angel. So you will see the same bright, saturated, and natural colors almost from all the angles.

Onda P280 G2 Performance

As you guess this AIO can’t be packed with weak features. It comes with an Intel Pentium G3260 dual-core processor running at 3.3GHz frequency that also provides 3MB L3 cashing. To work smooth and effective the manufacturer has packed it with a 4GB DDR3 RAM, Intel HD graphics with 22nm process technology and 120GB SSD hard drive.  Though there are no other slots for RAM, you can expand it up to 32GB, though I guess this one will satisfy all your needs as well.

As for other features, the Onda P280 G2 has no CD driver, as there are better options for watching videos and listening music. Don’t know why, but the manufacturer hasn’t added a video camera to it, though if you do it yourself, this AIO will be perfect when video conferencing and voice chat.

This AIO is great even in terms of connectivity, and though there is nothing to surprise you, it comes with all the standard options like wireless internet, Bluetooth 4.0 and WLAN/LAN. This is very important, as AIO PCs are mainly purchased to avoid using cables.

If you are interested it comes with a 110-240V 12V 6.5A AC adapter that offers a 53W power consumption.

Nothing to say about software and operating system, because it comes with DOS offering users to install an OS according to their preferences. However, Windows 10 will be great on this all-in-one PC, undoubtedly.

Packaging and Pricing

The Onda P280 G2 package comes with the device itself, but there are also a wireless keyboard, a wireless mouse, a power adapter and its cable. Thus you’ll get it fully equipped. So I guess you have been waiting for the pricing for a long time, but I have prepared the most attractive part of this device at the end – the Onda P280 G2 is available for $468.40, which is a great offer, isn’t it?

  • 8-inch Full HD display
  • Powerful processor by Intel
  • Many useful ports
  • Price
  • Design
  • 4GB RAM
The final thoughts

I guess those who have owned an all-in-one PC will never switch to tablets or laptops, but those who are not familiar with such gadgets need to be hinted that there is more acceptable options. So next time you are looking for a big screen laptop or tower PC, remember you can get your hands on a better device in face of an AIO PC for the same amount.

(xiaomitoday.com, http://goo.gl/CzQHi1)



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