Google Pixelbook: All you need to know about Google’s new Chromebook

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The Google Pixelbook has leaked, but what do we know about it? Here’s your guide to the Google Pixelbook release date, specs, features, price and UK launch.

What is the Google Pixelbook?

Back in 2013, Google launched the Chromebook Pixel, a high-end laptop running on Google’s own Chrome OS operating system. The notebook was generally well-received, but was held back by the usual limitations of Chrome OS. Pair that with the high price and you’ve got a laptop that struggled to hit the mainstream.

Fast-forward to 2017 and Google is readying up a long-awaited successor to the Google Chromebook Pixel, at least according to a report by Droid Life.

Apparently, Google is planning to launch a Google Pixelbook, which is yet another high-end Chrome OS notebook.

Read on for all the details.

Google Pixelbook Release Date: When is the Google Pixelbook out in the UK?

The working theory is that Google plans to launch its new device in San Francisco on October 4, 2017.

The US tech giant already has a major product launch event scheduled to take place that day anyway, with the expectation being that we’ll see the Google Pixel 2 smartphone finally unveiled.

But it’s looking increasingly likely that Google will also show off a new laptop at the event. We’ll be covering proceedings live as they happen at the UK event, so stay tuned to Trusted Reviews for the latest.

Google Pixelbook Design, Specs and Features

The good news is that we’ve already glimpsed the potential Google Pixelbook design, with Droid Life revealing the following render:

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Google Pixelbook

Credit: Droid Life

The headline change is that unlike the Chromebook Pixel, the Pixelbook is capable of folding into a tablet. This makes it a hybrid device, which some users keen on functionality may find tempting.

There’s also a new stylus being included, which is reportedly dubbed the Pixelbook Pen. This stylus is tipped to feature tilt support and “no lag” according to the report, although there are few details beyond that.

Credit: Droid Life

Google Pixelbook Price: How much will the Google Pixelbook cost in the UK?

According to the singular leak we’ve seen so far, the Google Pixelbook will be priced in the following tier options:

  • Google Pixelbook (128GB) – $1,199
  • Google Pixelbook (256GB) – $1,399
  • Google Pixelbook (512GB) – $1,749

That’s particularly high, given the fact that Chromebook laptops typically cost somewhere in the region of £199/$259 to £399/$519. As such, it’ll be interesting to see whether Google can ship a sufficient number of Pixelbooks to make the whole venture worthwhile.

Another blow to your wallets comes in the form of the Pixelbook Pen, which is tipped to arrive as an additional paid-for accessory, rather than being bundled as standard. That means you’ll have to fork out as much as $99 for Google’s stylus, if the leaks are to be believed.




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