Corsair Lapdog Hands-on

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  • Aluminium top
  • Supports any Corsair K70 or K65 keyboard
  • Can be used with any mouse
  • Two extra USB 3.0 ports
  • Padded lap rest
  • Integrated mousemat
  • Manufacturer: Corsair
  • Review Price: £110.00/$165.00


Corsair is making a play for your living with two new products aimed at bringing PC gaming to the sofa. The first is a PC case, called the Bulldog, that can accommodate the latest high-end hardware but that is still small enough to fit in the TV cabinet. But perhaps even more intriguing is the product they’ve designed to accompany it, the Lapdog.

Its premise is very simple – create a platform that allows for easy gaming using a normal keyboard and mouse setup while sat on the sofa. However, while the idea may be simple, executing it certainly isn’t, but so far Corsair seems to be on the right track.


The Lapdog is designed to accommodate one of Corsair’s compact tenkeyless keyboards, namely either the K65 or K65 RGB. Alongside this sits an integrated mousemat then underneath the whole lot is a memory foam cushion for resting it on your lap.

While the idea of having a platform on which to put your keyboard and mouse is nothing new, Corsair has got a lot right with the execution.

Corsair Lapdog

The keyboard fits securely into its slot and the cables are kept out the way by a lidded section at the back. Here the cables from both the keyboard and mouse can be stowed and the ends plugged into the integrated USB hub.

As well as two USB sockets for the mouse and keyboard the hub also has two further sockets on the outside making it easy to connect up USB sticks or other peripherals. The whole lot is then connected back to the PC via a single cable, though it does require two plugs to provide enough power to the whole unit.

Most of the device is plastic but this stowage section is finished with a brushed aluminium lid to give the whole unit the premium vibe we’ve come to expect from Corsair’s peripherals.

Corsair Lapdog

As for the foam underside, it’s slightly wedge-shaped with the thickest point sitting in the middle, This helps to keep the unit centred on your lap, while the fact it’s thicker at the back than the front accounts for the slight slope most people have in their legs when sitting down.

Currently the rough plastic mousemat is fixed but after initial feedback Corsair is looking into how it can have the arrangement swapped round, so that left handed uses can have the mousemat on the left. Above the mousemat there’s an integrated cable holder for keeping your mouse cable from snagging.


In use the Lapdog works surprisingly well. The large memory foam bottom sits perfectly and provides a good balance between stability and softness. The mousemat also performs well, and it seems it would be easy enough to cut a soft mousmat to size and sit it on top, if you prefer the feel of them.

Corsair Lapdog

The typing experience is obviously excellent too as Corsair’s premium keyboards are very solidly built and use top-notch Cherry MX switches.

We’ll admit to being sceptical of the Lapdog at first but just a couple of minutes of playing GTA V in 4K on a big TV from the comfort of the sofa and we were converts.

The one issue we did find was that the lack of wrist support could make long term gaming sessions a little uncomfortable so we’ve suggested to Corsair that it should try and incorporate some sort of writst rest in the final version.

The company is also looking into making the cover for the memory foam be removable so it can be cleaned.


The Lapdog may still be in its early stages, with it not set to be available until Q3 of this year but from what we’ve seen so far Corsair is already very close to creating the ideal sofa-bound keyboard and mouse gaming platform.

It also looks set to be decent value with Corsair already committing to a $99 price point, which seems very reasonable, especially if they do incorporate the tweaks mentioned above.





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