GoPro unveils its big Hero 6: All you need to know about its flagship camera

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GoPro has unveiled its new flagship action camera in the form of the Hero 6 Black, labelling the camera its “most powerful and convenient GoPro yet”.

GoPro Hero 6 Black

Rumours began swirling weeks back when photos of packaging for a new Hero 6 Black hit the internet but now GoPro is ready to take the covers off its latest and greatest.

Confirming the rumoured specifications, the Hero 6 Black is able to record at up to 4K resolution at 60fps, a doubling of the framerate from the Hero 5 Black making for much slicker-looking footage. There’s also 240fps video now achievable at 1080p, making for some much higher quality slow-motion footage. There’s even 2.7K and 120fps if you don’t want to sacrifice quite so much resolution in exchange for slow motion dramatics.

Both of these resolutions and framerates are notably available with the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, but of course you’re here for the ruggedised camera body that’ll keep up with your high-octane exploits.

GoPro Hero 6 Black

All of this video processing requires some serious grunt, and that comes courtesy of GoPro’s new custom GP1 processor. This is used to analyse your video footage and sensor data for improved automated QuikStories using machine learning. These are GoPro’s automatically edited and cut together videos and looks to remove some of the pain points in dealing with lots of recorded footage.

Custom designing its own chip is important in helping GoPro differentiate its cameras from a number of new rivals that now offer similar shooting capabilities. The Yi 4K+ Action Cam we reviewed managed to beat GoPro to the 4K/60 punch and used an Ambarella chip that featured in previous GoPro cameras.

GoPro Hero 6 Black

GoPro has promised the GP1 also delivers the most advanced stabilisation of any GoPro camera. This is still only electronic image stabilisation, however. The Sony FDR-X3000R Action Cam still holds the crown for achieving impressive optical image stabilisation. A new feature is touch zoom, letting you get digitally closer to the action, although this will be at the slight detriment to image quality.

You can also expect improved dynamic range and low-light performance relative to the Hero 5 Black. The GP1 should also help automate the process of getting the best image quality, although Wide Dynamic Range and RAW are still available. The wireless performance has also been markedly improved, now supporting 5GHz Wi-Fi direct connections, meaning 3x faster file transfers to your paired smartphone.

GoPro Hero 6 Black

Internally, the rest remains consistent with the Hero 5 Black, with GPS, accelerometer and gyroscope inside with support for voice controls in 10 different languages.

The design itself hasn’t changed, either, looking identical to the Hero 5 Black. This at least means it’s compatible with all existing Hero 5 Black mounts and beyond and, importantly, with the Karma drone and Karma Grip.

Trusted Reviews is currently out at a GoPro hands-on event, so be sure to check back for some early impressions of GoPro’s flagship.

GoPro Karma firmware update

Speaking of the Karma drone, GoPro has also announced it will be updated with two new auto-shot paths. Using its GPS, the Karma can now use Follow to keep a lock on the Karma Controller and keep you in the frame. A new Watch mode keeps the Karma hovering in place while it rotates, keeping the Karma Controller in the frame. The great news is these are available via a firmware update today.

Alongside the GoPro Hero 6 Black, GoPro has also shown off some new mounts. There’s the Shorty, a pocket-friendly extension pole and tripod; an updated The Handler floating handgrip and finally Bite Mount + Floaty, which is ideal for POV shots.

GoPro Hero 6 Black release date

The Hero 6 Black is available to order now from GoPro.

GoPro Hero 6 Black price

The Hero 6 Black will cost $499/£499, making it the most expensive GoPro Hero camera to date.




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