UMi Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Hands on Review

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UMI, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer, has not only produced mobiles, but also some nice accessories. Today we have got a portable UMI wireless bluetooth speaker with 10 watts of real power (2x5w RMS).Just folow us to know more details about this exquisite UMI speaker.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho UMi Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

It has well protected black box same as the package of the smartphones. There is a 3.5mm earphone jack inside. If if we want to get the sound out of a source without bluetooth, manuals and the speaker obviously.


It has a  5.5 cm * 18 cm *  6.7 cm dimensions, I have tried other Bluebooth speakers and find UMI speaker is higher than others. The quality of construction is definitely remarkable. Although the chassis is plastic, it can not be touched anywhere. That is to say, it is formed by an upper and inferior part of rubber, and the central one surrounded by a metallic grid. The logo of the mark is printed on the front.


The backlight lets you see both your speakers and, in the middle, a driver to improve the response to low frequencies. As I said at the beginning, 5w for each of your speakers.


At the bottom, 4 rubber feet prevent the rubber from slipping or marking on the underside by supporting it on a flat surface.


On the back is a micro USB connector to charge your 2600mAh battery. A battery that depends on the use will give us about 15 hours of playback. Nothing bad. This charging connector is accompanied by the power button and the auxiliary 3.5 mm jack port.


At the top, buttons marked on the rubber with a considerable size. The button effect only works if you press the center of the icon. We have two buttons to increase or decrease the volume, another pair of buttons to switch between tracks or advance in it with a long press, pause and play button and synchronization button lit in blue to show us the status of the connection.

When you are waiting for it to turn on, it blinks while once connected, it will stay fixed.


It not only has bluetooth connection and cables, but also NFC. We will not have problems connecting to any device. There’s no doubt about it.

One important point is the quality of the sound. We have very good absolute and serious response.It’s yes, We also missed something more important. It is not so low in the voice, but we have tried others with 10w that offered a higher volume. Of course it does not distort at full volume.


In short, the UMI bluetooth speaker is of very good quality with a wide range of connections and works well. It is certainly a product with good quality and now, that is at a good price at $34.99, it becomes a good choice. It is  free shipping for Premium members. We should not forget that we have Amazon’s A to Z guarantee. UMI has launched three Amazon store to sell it now, US Amazon store, UK Amazon store, and ES amazon store.




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