What is the Samsung QE65Q9FN?

The Samsung Q9FN is the most impressive TV I’ve reviewed in years. It effectively combines the strong brightness and colour of Quantum Dot LED (QLED) with the deep blacks and lighting precision of OLED. That’s a huge deal in a world where you generally choose one or the other.

The Q9FN is a hugely versatile performer, one that really shows off what next-gen picture processes are all about. And the result is properly impactful high dynamic range to go with the 4K Ultra HD resolution, plus the freedom to view with as few or as many lights as you want.

This TV is definitive proof that there’s plenty of life left in the old LCD yet, and a worrisome roadblock on OLED’s apparent warpath.

What’s more, Samsung has priced it competitively, making the Q9FN somewhat of a temptation, at least compared to 2017 prices. The 65-inch reviewed here costs £3799, which is over £1000 less than any flagship model last year. The 55-inch Samsung UE55Q9FN costs £3000. That’s right in the middle of OLED territory.