What is the Samsung HW-N650?

The  HW-N650 is the latest soundbar offering from Samsung, and it’s specifically aimed at movie fans and gamers. It boasts a new ‘Acoustic Beam’ technology, designed to create a larger and more immersive front soundstage.

Although quite wide, the soundbar itself uses a low form factor and should comfortably fit in front of most modern TVs. There’s also a wireless subwoofer, thus allowing for greater flexibility in terms of placement, whilst boosting the overall bass performance at the same time.

The Samsung HW-N650 does provide the option of an HDMI input and output, but we expect for an asking price of £699/$944. Being limited to lossy Dolby and DTS sound formats is also something of a surprise. At least there’s optical and analogue inputs, a USB port and Bluetooth connectivity, however.