Poweradd SoundFly A1 Bluetooth Speaker Review – Great Sound

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Poweradd is a very new brand for most of us, therefore, it is very difficult to give it a chance. I also had many doubts before testing the Poweradd SoundFly A1 Bluetooth speaker, however, it is actually much better than I expected.

Unboxing & Sound Test

Design & Features

Although the Poweradd SoundFly A1 is an affordable speaker, it has a very sleek design with an aluminum body and touch controls on top. It supports NFC, so you can pair it with your smartphone with a simple tap.

The speaker has a very interesting design as a metal piece wraps around the body and it has cutouts for the 4 drivers inside.

The battery life of the SoundFly A1 is just average. It could last around 6 hours on a single charge and a full charge takes over 2 hours.

I’m just a little disappointed with the Bluetooth connection. It becomes inconsistent when I place my smartphone just about 10ft away. I can see some hiccups every time something is blocking the way. The connection is better when I move the smartphone closer to this speaker.

Another disadvantage is that I can’t charge it using a USB charger because the speaker has a proprietary charging port. This is quite inconvenient as you will always need to carry its bulky charger when traveling.

Audio Quality

The Poweradd really surprised me when I turned in on for the first time. It produces a full and rich sound that is not so common with Bluetooth speakers. I really love the emphasized bass response as well as bright and well-controlled highs. The mids are also pretty clear and smooth.

The speaker can be cranked up to a very loud volume lever, however, I don’t encourage you to do so because it will reveal a lot of shortcomings; The sound becomes harsh and distortion starts appearing.

It is best to use the speaker at a moderate volume level. It is actually quite powerful when I play it in my room. The soundstage is amazingly good and it doesn’t feel boxy like other speakers. I tested this speaker and the JAM Rhythm at the same time and the Poweradd outperformed in every aspect.


  • Modern design
  • Impressive sound
  • Average battery life
  • Inconsistent Bluetooth connection

The SoundFly A1 is not a perfect Bluetooth speaker but it really sounds amazing at an affordable cost. Many customers love it, so it is totally worth considering.

(techwalls.com, https://goo.gl/LRWcpn)



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