JUMPU Tsuyoi-S Review: The Perfect Outdoor Sound Trip Buddy?

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Here’s our full verdict with this new rugged speaker from JUMPU!

After using the JUMPU Tsuyoi-S for a while now, it is time to give our thorough review on this rugged speaker from this new Japanese brand. Its looks give it a reputation being able to withstand nature, but does it live up to it? Here are our few thoughts about the speaker:

That tripod mount can be used for a variety of things

In our quick review, we took note of this rather unusual feature of the Tsuyoi-S. While some may be wondering where to use a tripod mount, it turns out that you can use it for a variety of things.

Among these include mounting the Tsuyoi-S at a safe place outdoors or placing it on your bicycle (as it advertises) to turn your ride into a mobile boom box. No matter how weird it may be, having a tripod socket on a portable speaker gives you creative freedom on where to place it. If you think about it, you can place the Tsuyoi-S on a tree branch by using its strap or by mounting it on a flexible tripod like a Gorillapod.

Battery life is just as advertised

Equipped with a 1500mAh battery, the Tsuyoi-S can last you a long time before you will need to charge it up (and lose the waterproofing for a while. On a full charge, we were able to use the Tsuyoi-S for around 7 hours before we got a low battery warning.

From the time it warns you to charge it up, we were able to use it for a good 15 minutes (along with the annoying alarm) before it shuts down. As for charging, it will take you a little under three hours to fully charge the speaker.

Its rugged exterior can take a beating

While setting up the Tsuyoi-S outdoors, we had several instances that it fell to the ground. Luckily, the Tsuyoi-S’ ABS and TPU construction absorbed the impact, and the speaker survived with no major damage to its exterior. The same goes for its IP65 rating: We drenched the Tsuyoi-S in water, and the speaker played music well without any worries of breaking down due to water damage.

A little caveat though: While it can withstand splashes, the Tsuyoi-S is not completely waterproof, so we advise against submerging the speaker in water.

Volume controls work independently from the source Bluetooth device

While it comes with a set of volume controls, the Tsuyoi-S’ volume control works independently from the source’s volume controls. This means that you can pump the volume on the Tsuyoi-S higher than usual if you intend on doing so.

If your source Bluetooth device is your smartphone, the play/pause button doubles as an answer button so that you can answer those important calls from your bae or your parents.

If there’s one thing we wished the Tsuyoi-S has, that is a set of buttons for skipping tracks. Since you are limited to a play/pause button, you will need to change tracks via your source Bluetooth device.

It is best for music that are not bass-heavy

After burning in the Tsuyoi-S’ speaker for several hours, we noticed that while it can be loud, the sound quality can be inconsistent depending on the type of music you are playing.

If bass-heavy hip-hop and electronic music is your thing, you might want to lower your expectations with the Tsuyoi-S as it struggles in producing deep bass, especially in loud volumes. However, if rock and acoustic music is your thing, the Tsuyoi-S does a better job as it excels in producing decent mids and highs.So before using the Tsuyoi-S, better plan out your playlist so that you make the most out of its sound quality.

Verdict: A decent rugged speaker for its price

For its Php 1,290 asking price, the Tsuyoi-S is a considerable buy, especially with its mounting flexibility. The thought of having a tripod socket may sound strange, but if you are creative enough, you can place the Tsuyoi-S in places you’d never imagine before. Complimenting its flexibility is an efficient battery, which can last you a night-long party before you will need to juice it up.

While it has difficulties in producing a deep bass, selecting the right songs will bring out the full potential of the Tsuyoi-S—which is in the mids and highs.

(unbox.ph, https://goo.gl/H8V29Q)



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