Edifier Sound To Go Plus review: a cheap and effective laptop speaker

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If your laptop suffers from poor sound from its built-in speakers, Edifier wants to help. Here’s our review of the Edifier Sound To Go Plus speaker system.

The Sound To Go Plus is a portable speaker for expanding the sound from your smartphone or similar mobile device. But it’s actually designed primarily for use with laptops and instead of a wireless connection – think of it as a soundbar for your laptop. It uses digital audio over USB so you can simply plug the speaker into your laptop and away you go.

Turning the speaker on is easy after holding down the volume buttons at each end for a couple seconds. This cleverly helps prevent the speaker being accidentally switched on when travelling. A pouch is included to also keep it safe when carrying around.

When plugged into a laptop, the USB connection charges a built-in lithium-ion battery which is inside the Sound To Go Plus and claims up to 10 hours of playback. You can adjust volume with the buttons on the speaker or using your laptop.

As well as connecting to a laptop, the Sound To Go Plus has a 3.5 mm input jack and matching cable in the box, so you can easily hook up a range of devices like smartphones, tablets and MP3 players.

We like the sleek and stylish aluminium design of the Sound To Go Plus which will suit most laptops. Build quality is best described as solid. Two small rubber feet stop the unit slipping or moving around.

The Sound To Go Plus is small but may well overlap some of the keys on your laptop as it did on our 13-inch notebook. It also blocked a small portion of the screen when watching a film. At a desk you simply look over the top of it, leaving the keyboard overlap the bigger issue.

There’s some neat features but does the Sound To Go Plus improve the sound of a typical laptop? In short, yes.

The Sound To Go Plus will almost certainly give you a volume boost. It has
four little 1.25in drivers – two for each stereo channel, supported by a 30 x 90 mm passive bass radiator. It’s specified with 1.5W of Class D power per channel and usefully the speakers face you, unlike those in most laptops.

Whether your watching a TV show on BBC iPlayer or streaming your favourite music on Spotify the Sound To Go Plus offers good clarity across a reasonable range. It was far from rich and weighty in quality but clear enough at lower volumes. Cranking the volume up introduced a lot of distortion though so don’t expect to fill a room with sound.


  • Re-chargeable Lithium Battery Power
  • Enhanced Sound Quality
  • USB audio streaming capabilities
  • Auxiliary input connects to audio enabled devices
  • Magnetically shielded, 3” x 1¼ “ oval passive radiator with built in amplifier
  • Two, 1¼ “ mid range drivers and two, 1¼” tweeters, all magnetically shielded
  • Soft protective carry pouch for transportation
  • USB cable included



There’s little to dislike about the Edifier Sound To Go Plus at the price. It’s a cheap and effective way of improving the sound from your laptop. Sleek and well finished it can also be used on the go with a range of devices using its built-in battery.




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