CooCheer Compact Portable Bluetooth Speaker review: a good-looking and cheap wireless speaker

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Bluetooth speakers are ultra-convenient whether your in the garden, on holiday or moving between rooms at home, as they’re generally both wireless and battery powered. Here’s our review of the CooCheer Compact Portable Bluetooth Speaker (£17.99/$27 from Amazon).

In terms of design, CooCheer has produced an impressve elegant and sophisticated product. We love its soft matt plastic finish and  rounded edges.

The aluminum dial is elegantly placed at the centre of the speaker and four rubber feet prevent the unit from moving around. The over all feeling is of a premium speaker.

In terms of features, it has what most Bluetooth speakers offer: a built-in battery, the option to use it as a hands-free speaker for phonecalls and a line-in for devices without Bluetooth.

It’s compatible with almost all devices with Bluetooth. Thanks to the built-in microphone, you can use it as a speaker phone. It allows you to answer to phone calls directly form your speaker, the music pauses.

You use the dial at the centre to adjust the volume, change song, pause and restart again.

To pause or play the music streaming from your phone (or other Bluetooth device), you just need to touch the dial.

CooCheer Bluetooth speaker review

In terms of battery life, CooCheer isn’t outstanding. It lasts between 4 and 5 hours of playtime. This is mediocre compared many other (cheaper) speakers that last longer.

You can charge the speaker with the USB cable charging that CooCheer provides you with the device. You also get a ‘flannelette’ bag to carry the speaker.


Given the low price, we are not expecting great sound quality. Our expectations were confirmed when we started listening. At maximum volume, the music is distorted. That’s not too surprising, but it would have been nice to use full volume. Although the speaker is quite loud, it isn’t that powerful and at its maximum volume; you might end up wondering if there is a fly buzzing in the room.

CooCheer Bluetooth speaker review

It has no stereo separation, but it has passive ‘radiators’ at the bottom that improves the overall bass sound quality. Bass isn’t room-shaking, but is pretty decent from a speaker of this size.

Range is pretty good, too, and certainly better than some Bluetooth speakers we’ve tested. The music won’t cut out if you go further than 10ft from the device (up to around 25ft).



CooCheer’s Bluetooth Speaker stands out for its stylish and fashionable design. However we have a feeling that CooCheer focused too much on design and gadgets, forgetting about sound quality.




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