5 of the best cheap TV deals in the UK right now

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Whether you’re looking for a simple cheap TV deal, or a great 4K TV deal, we have them.

Right, let’s keep this simple. You want a new TV and you want a great deal, right? Coming up are the best TV deals we’ve found online this week.

We trawl through Currys TV deals, deals on big retailers, like Amazon, John Lewis, and independent retailers to find the best TV deals around.

Where possible, we pick out TVs we’ve reviewed and really like, though it isn’t always possible. We also look at user reviews to see what real owners made of their purchase.

Top 5 TV Deals

  • 55-inch 1080p Sony TV for £599/$898,5
  • 50-inch Panasonic 4K TV for £559/$898,5
  • 32-inch Samsung TV for £399/$598,5
  • 49-inch LG 4K TV for £429/$643,5
  • Top-of-the-range 50-inch 4K for £749/$1123,5


Sony KDL-55W805C

1) 9/10 55-INCH SONY TV FOR £599/$898,5 – HUGE SAVING

This deal on the Sony KDL-55W805CBU TV is really great. This 55-inch,1080p TV received a 9/10 and a TrustedReviews Recommended Award when we reviewed it back in July 2015, when it cost nearly £1,400. It’s now just £599/$898,5 from AO.com.

What we said: “If 4K isn’t for you, and you’re prepared to consider adding an external audio system at some point, the 55W805C’s picture quality is just about as good as HD will likely ever get.” – Read our full review

What owners say: It has an 8.7 average rating on Reevoo. The top rating is for picture quality, 9.3, but sound quality is only 7.9 – we also noted that sound isn’t this TV’s strongest point.

How good a deal is this? Very. The next cheapest is £699/$1048,5 from Sonic Direct. The Sony is £719/$1078,5 from John Lewis, though it also offers an extra £100 off when bought with select soundbars.


Panasonic TX-50CX680

2) 9/10 50-INCH PANASONIC 4K TV JUST £559/$898,5

This is our no.1 4K TV deal right now. We gave the Panasonic TX-50CX680 a 9/10 Recommended Award in January 2016. It cost £699 then, but it’s now £559 from WeSellElectricals. That’s a great price for a 50-inch 4K TV with top-notch picture quality, but be quick because it’s a clearance item.

What we said: “So long as you’re not bothered by the 50CX680’s lack of HDR and 3D support – which you really shouldn’t be, considering how cheap it is – it’s a really outstanding television for the price.” – Read our full review

What owners say: The TV has 9.4 average rating on Reevoo. Owners praise the picture quality and slim design and love it has Freeview Play, which means all the UK’s catchup services are accessible via the EPG.

How good a deal is this? It’s a very good price given this TV used to cost close to a £1,000/$1500 when it first went on sale. The next best price is £629/$943,5 from Electrical Discount UK.


Samsung UE32J6300

3) 8/10 32-INCH SAMSUNG TV FOR JUST £329/$493,4

You’ll find cheaper 32-inch TVs, but few are better. The Samsung UE32J6300 is a curved, 32-inch TV packed with features – including Samsung’s excellent smart TV system.

What we said: “Its picture quality is pretty much as good as it gets in the 32-inch world these days. It’s just a shame that for us its curved screen potentially limits its usefulness.”

What owners say: It has an 8.7 average on Reevoo. Owners like the picture quality and surprisingly good speakers, but some complain the smart TV system is sluggish.

How good a deal is this? Good, but not outstanding. You can find cheaper 32-inch TVs, but none will match the picture quality. The next best price is £349/$523,5 from Argos.


best cheap tv deals

4) 49-INCH LG 4K TV FOR JUST £429/$643,5 – BARGAIN

We haven’t reviewed this model, but it’s a good price on a large 4K TV from a big brand. It has Freeview HD and LG’s excellent webOS smart TV system

What owners say: Most are delighted at the good price, but there are compromises. Some note there are only two HDMI ports, while one owner mentions colours looking slightly washed out.

How good a deal is this? This is very cheap for a 4K TV from a known brand – it’s down £70/$105 from a £499/$748,5 original asking price. The next cheapest is £449 from Appliances Direct. You will, however, get better picture quality from similar price non-4K TVs.


Panasonic 50CX802

5) 9/10 FLAGSHIP 50-INCH 4K TV FOR JUST £749/$1123,5 – CLEARANCE

Another bargain 50-inch from Panasonic. This was a top-of-the-range 4K TV that cost nearly £2,000 last year – it’s now just £749 from WeSellElectricals. We gave the Panasonic TX-50CX802 a 9/10 when we reviewed it in November last year.

What we said: “If you’re a serious film/picture quality fan – especially if you’re looking for an LCD TV that delivers a plasma-like experience – then the TX-50CX802 is a revelation. It delivers gorgeously natural pictures, which are detailed and rich in contrast – so much so, that at times it’s hard to believe that you’re watching an LCD TV.” – Read our full review

What owners say: It has a 9.0 average on Reevoo. Owners love the dual Freeview HD and Freesat HD TV tuners, but dislike the fact there are only three HDMI ports.

How good a deal is this? Brilliant. It may be a 2015 model, but this TV is future proof and delivers excellent pictures. Get them while they last as no on else is selling the 50-inch version anymore.

(trustedreviews.com, http://goo.gl/7t1bqt)




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